Royal Riding Goes Off the Interstate

RodeMaster™ DeTour™ Seat For When Things Get Interesting!

SANTA ANA, CA – November 29, 2017 –  (Motor Sports Newswire) –  Royal Riding, a pioneer in the gel seat pads sector, has expanded their next generation of motorcycle seat offerings. The RodeMaster™ DeTour™ combines all the comfort of touring seat with a sleeker style and lower profile. One of three new models, the DeTour™ has all the features of a long distance touring saddle in a low profile package.

“The DeTour™ delivers the same level of comfort as our ConTour™ and Touring™ seats, but in a sleeker style,” says Royal Riding President Rod Derifield. The DeTour™ is for the rider who likes to cruise in comfort all day, but sometimes meets a companion on those detours off the Interstate. The difference is there is no gel in the pillion portion of the seat so that we hug the fender and blend with the lines of the bike.”

Party out back, but all business up front, the DeTour™ takes rider comfort seriously, says Derifield. “Our medical grade viscoelastic gel inserts absorb vibration and shock without bottoming out. This gel is combined with proprietary contour-cushioning foam formulated for longevity and improved comfort.”

“The DeTour™ is ergonomically designed to give the rider maximum comfort by minimizing pressure, eliminating vibration and putting out any hot spots,” explains seat designer Lars Roulund. “But by removing the gel insert from the passenger pad, we are able to streamline the seat’s profile.”

“Like all of our products, the primary focus is to eliminate the pain… but there is no reason not to look good,” adds Kim Kulman. “With a custom look, the DeTour™ is designed to give riders miles of comfort.”

Premium components like top grain leather seating surfaces, durable fiberglass baseplates and powder coated hardware come standard. “The DeTour™ was specifically designed to provide relief and protection of the tailbone and prostate while leaving room for the boys,” concludes Roulund.


  • Top grain leather seating surfaces and automotive grade vinyl sides for style and durability
  • Royal Riding’s1/2″ thick high-tech viscoelastic molded gel protects the rider from shock and vibration
  • Contour-cushioning foam formulated to promote longevity and comfort
  • Corrosion resistant powder coated hardware
  • Optional backrest

MSRP: DeTour™ $515

DeTour™ With Backrest $695

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