to Become Used Car Industry’s Only Free Classified Listing Mega-Site

Steve Tackett, a long time automotive industry entrepreneur, has built out a massive automotive classified listing site for the used car industry and is making it a completely free platform for all dealers with used car inventory, no lead fees, no traffic fees, no listing fees. There are no hooks, hidden fees, or charges of any kind.

THOUSAND OAKS, CA – October 25, 2017 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – “As a big thank you to the industry that’s been great to me and my team, I thought I’d give back by making a gift to the industry. I like the trade-off, dealers get great leads, traffic, and sales at no cost, we get to see which emerging technologies are the most effective at driving car shoppers to their sites, it’s a win-win.”

Steve Tackett is taking the entire automotive listing concept back to its roots and is creating an environment where a dealer can list their entire inventory for free, forever, as part of his rather unusual, if not eccentric gift to the used car industry. The consumer can shop on a clean, user-friendly listing site and the car dealer will never have to hassle with billing issues or their leads being shared among other local dealers. Tackett will have the only automotive listing site that is completely free to the industry and so far the response has been as expected, off the charts.

Used Cars for Sale has been a search engine query keyed in by millions of car shoppers every year. It is now a classified automotive listing site that will be driving millions of car buyers to used car dealer’s websites at no charge, forever according to Mr. Tackett.

Used Car Dealers Rally en Masse for Free Leads, More Visibility, and Increased Sales at No Charge.

The bottom line is that this no cost approach has no ambiguity between vendor and dealer, allows car shoppers the necessary comparables, and the only ones making money are the dealers. Used car dealers have long been clamoring for an affordable listing site and now they have one that provides them with leads, and the shopper just enough comparables to satisfy their needs.

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