One Pass Floor Blade – the Broom Re-Invented

Cuts Clean Up Time In Half

HOLLISTER, CA – October 5, 2017 – (Motor Sports Newswire) –  Tired of having to fire up the shop vac after every single task in the shop? Conventional brooms not cutting it? Nothing works as effectively as the One Pass Floor Blade when it comes to collecting debris and fluid in one easy pass. Broken glass, metal shavings, mud… makes no difference, just One Pass it! Think of it as the broom re-invented, the One Pass Floor Blade works for wet and dry.

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“I originally developed the blade as a squeegee for high end paint jobs and car windows back in 1996,” explains inventor Don Varner. “But didn’t take long for family and friends to figure out how well it works everywhere else, too. You can tell by its businesslike appearance the Floor Blade has been extensively redesigned for the shop environment.”

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Save time and save money. Skip the absorbent and the hassle of the wet/dry vac! Perfect for garage or machine shop use to make short work of spilled lubricants or solvents. Great around mills where metal chips and cutting fluids combine. Durable enough to use on concrete, gentle enough for custom paint. The Floor Blade design works on all surfaces and is safe for nearly all chemicals, lubricants and coolants in one shot.

“The patented Y-Blade edge conforms to surface irregularities,” adds Varner. The silicone blade is safe to use in temperature extremes from -80 to +400 degrees F. “When you’re done, the patented silicone blade simply wipes clean.”

OnePass floorblade


  • Easily collect debris and fluids in one pass
  • Silicone blade wipes clean and stands up to chemical, lubricants and many solvents
  • Durable enough for concrete yet safe for paint
  • Quickly dries any surface for safety and cleanliness
  • Patented Y-Blade edge conforms to surface
  • Blade is temperature safe from 180 to +400 degrees
  • Durable nylon chassis in Safety Orange
  • Extending powdercoated pole reaches 75 inches
  • MSRP $32.95

No more crying over spilled milk… or anything else, for that matter. Perfect for shops, showrooms, trailers… you name it. Heck, get two and have one for home use! More details on the One Pass Floor Blade can be found here:


One Pass founder Don Varner is a professional innovator, inveterate tinkerer and legend in the automotive world. Hot rod enthusiasts might recognize him as the designer behind such famous custom ‘Rods as _El Matador_, _Silhouette_ and _The California Star_. Varner turned the custom world on its ear back in 1984 when California Star took top honors at the Grand National Oakland Roadster Show. Despite enormous controversy, Don’s version of the classic 1927 Model T earned the title “World’s Most Beautiful Roadster” and cemented his place in the automotive world. It was this kind of disruptive solution that brought the original Water Blade into existence, upending the car care world in the process. That sounds a bit dramatic, but take a look at how many copies have hit the market since and you’ll see what we mean. When we released the first Water Blade in 1996, it was called the “Original California Water Blade” — now it’s simply Original Water Blade. Don takes enormous pride in every product he designs, so you know if it bears the One Pass name, it’s a game changer!

Source: One Pass USA

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