Royal Riding Goes Global: Traveler Lobo Chooses Classic Sheepskin Gel Seat Pads To Ride Farther!


SANTA ANA, CA – September 29, 2017 – (Motor Sports Newswire) –  Talk about Ride Farther! Motorcycle adventurer Eric Lobo has explored 45% of the world from the seat of his Harley! His travels have taken him around the world twice and he has ridden more than 50,000 kilometers… so far. However when he rode up to the Royal Riding display at the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum, he was hurting. The stock seat on his trusty Dyna had given up the ghost in Nova Scotia he had ridden the rest of the way to the Rally sitting on the frame rails.

“We didn’t know Lobo’s incredible story when he rode up, we just saw an opportunity to help a rider in pain ride farther,” says company President Rod Derifield. “Although we were right in the middle of introducing our RodeMaster™ gel integrated seats, purist that he is, Lobo immediately gravitated to our Classic Sheepskin.” Given that he is on the road in the middle of nowhere for weeks at a time, the Sheepskin’s washability and hypoallergenic nature will enable the seat pad to double as his pillow. “Lobo’s idea, not ours,” laughs Rod.

Lobo is known for having a different outlook on life and travel. His first trip he recreated Columbus’ trip from Spain to Cuba. This latest global circumnavigation saw him use skis to cross the Arctic circle, riding from Siberia to Alaska and then across Canada on his way to Sturgis. “My goal for this trip is to ride from the coldest place in the Arctic to the warmest place in America,” he explains. “But I had to stop in at Sturgis for the Rally first!”

“The natural characteristics of sheepskin, combined with Royal Riding’s exclusive contour-cushioning foam and medical grade viscoelastic gel insert offers the highest level of comfort available — priceless for long distance riders like Lobo,” adds ergonomic expert Lars Roulund. “The foam and wool work to softly conform to your shape and eliminate localized pressure pressure points or ‘hot spots’ that can cause discomfort. The gel insert absorbs vibration, small bumps and road irregularities and will not bottom out… looking at Lobo’s battered seat, he needed this!”

“The ability to take the pain out of the ride immediately resonated with Lobo, and plenty of other Rally goers, according to Derifield. “Royal Riding’s fusion of ergonomic designs and advanced gel technology means that riders can ride farther and ride longer with less pain… gel-integrated pads really do make it possible to Ride Farther.”

About Royal Riding

Ride In Comfort… For Longer! Whether you are riding a motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, quad, horse or just sitting outside for long periods of time, our mission is to provide comfortable, quality Gel Seat Pads so you can Ride Longer — Ride Like Royalty. With five standard sizes of motorcycle gel seat pads and three different cover options to meet your specific needs, Royal Riding has got you cushioned!

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ROR Brands provides high quality, innovative seating products and accessories to the powersports industry via the well-known consumer brands within its portfolio, including BS Sand, Royal Riding, Royal Riding Off-Road and a number of other aftermarket leaders in the powersports industry. Founded by Rod Derifield in 2017, ROR seeks to revitalize the industry, one brand at a time, while making a positive impact on the powersports community as a whole.

About Eric Lobo

Eric Lobo lived his dream by riding around the world on a Harley Road King in 2011. He wrote ROAD ANGELS Mon tour du Monde about his journey… but this is only the starting point. Personal tragedy put him back in the saddle in 2014, “I was in Provence with my Father waiting for the day of his heart operation,” says Eric. “We have always shared everything together. He was the only one to know my plan to join the Arctic Ocean by motorcycle and he always pushed me to live up to my dream. He died 13 days after the operation and these journeys are my way of honoring him, thanking him for having made me into the man that I am.” His books are available via

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