Building for a Stronger Future, Bonnier Motorcycle Group Announces Restructuring Plans

Bonnier Motorcycle Group

IRVINE, CA – August 1, 2017 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Today, Bonnier Motorcycle Group (BMG) announced restructuring plans across all editorial and sales departments in order to deliver more specialized content and provide better solutions for the motorcycle industry to engage with enthusiasts. Many steps will take effect immediately, which include ceasing production of Sport Rider magazine, headcount reductions and the implementation of a new company staffing model, focused on content and sales specialization.

BMG is shifting from a title-specific content and sales structure to one that empowers the editorial as well as the marketing staff to focus on one role across all BMG brands. This is compared to the previous model where many of the 13 motorcycle media brands had their own staff members with like responsibilities. The change will better enable the Group to produce engaging content for audiences on the platform they choose, and help deliver solutions to BMG clients to sell products to the world’s largest network of motorcycle enthusiasts.

“As digital channels become more technologically driven and advertising solutions demand greater optimization, these changes will help BMG deliver more informative and inspiring content to its audiences. The new channel-specific approach, in addition to expanding marketing-solution options for partner brands, will also help decrease the cost-per-acquisition and increase sales for the Group’s clients,” said Andy Leisner, Vice President and Managing Director of Bonnier Motorcycle Group. “We do not make these decisions lightly, especially when reducing staff, but we’re confident these steps will serve as a stronger foundation for our future and will benefit our clients and the motorcycle industry.”

The new model will remove the boundaries between BMG departments by changing staff responsibilities from one specific brand property or department to a specialized task that serves the overall Group. In addition, the strongest people in each discipline will be empowered to manage these roles, which will improve quality of the work produced.

About Bonnier Motorcycle Group

Comprising of 13 motorcycle media brands including Cycle World, Motorcyclist, Dirt Rider, Hot Bike, Sport Rider, Baggers, Cruiser, Street Chopper, Super Streetbike, UTV Driver, ATV Rider and the episodic series On Two Wheels, Bonnier Motorcycle Group engages, informs and inspires an active audience of 8.6 million powersports enthusiasts through their online, video series, event, print publication and television properties. Bonnier Motorcycle Group is a division of Bonnier Corporation, one of the largest special-interest publishing groups in the United States, owned by Sweden-based Bonnier AB, a multichannel media conglomerate operating in 15 countries. Bonnier Motorcycle Group is based in Irvine, Calif.

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Bonnier Motorcycle Group


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  1. I want to know what Bonnier is going to do for those of us who have subscriptions to Sport Rider and have remaining issues, since you are killing it? Angry and Disappointed…

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