Monster Energy #BATTLEDRIFT 2

Monster Energy BATTLEDRIFT 2

LONDON, ENGLAND – June 30, 2017 – (Motor Sports Newswire) –  The first battle was hard fought, but the war is far from over. #BATTLEDRIFT returns, this time for an all out melee.

Blending Massive horsepower, world-renowned drifters, and eye-popping visuals; #BATTLEDRIFT is the brainchild of the creative team at Monster Energy. Scorching the blacktop for the first time in December 2015, #BATTLEDRIFT sees two of the best drifters thrashing it out, but the ultimate winner is the exclusive showcase of the sideways art of drift.

The Champ

Daigo Saito the 37-year old tire-shredding legend, is drifting personified. Hailing from Saitama on the outskirts of Tokyo, he is a force to be reckoned with when at the helm of four-wheel race machinery. Not only has he taken home the title in the legendary Japanese D1GP series (2008), but he has also won the US-based Formula Drift series (2012) – making him the only driver in the world to have won both major titles in professional drifting.

The Challenger

Steve Biagioni AKA Baggsy, hails from Essex in the south of the UK. Baggsy has been in the driver’s seat since he could reach the pedals. With a professional career spanning over a decade, he has won the British championship, bossed the King of Europe Drift Championship, gone door-to-door in D1!.

The Wildcard

Casey Currie, based in Anaheim Hills, California, USA, was born into a motorsports family that has been in business for over 50 years. If it’s got an engine, then Casey is sure to be into it. Over a 14-year career to date, Casey’s off-road competition résumé is lined with wins on motorcycles, trucks and buggies.

The Machinery

Daigo Saito returns in his insane drift Lamborghini, a true rolling piece of fire-spitting automotive art. A one of a kind Murciélago – torn apart and rebuilt into a drifting machine at Daigo’s very own Liberty Walk workshop, it’s part supercar, part competition ride, and a full time show stopper – but will it be enough to defeat Baggsy in a custom built Nissan GT-R? A legendary Japanese icon fused with the brute power of a turbocharged American V8, this 1400bhp tarmac tearing Monster is the ultimate opponent for Daigo’s drift Murciélago. And what secret monstrosity will Currie be riding into battle?

Get on your war-paint, and rally your defenses; it’s Japan vs. United Kingdom vs. United States in a revved-up Blitzkrieg of epic proportions.

Source: Monster Energy Company

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