The Low Down On Royal Riding’s New LoPro Line

oyal Riding LoPro Seat Pad

New Technology To Debut At Hollister Rally

SANTA ANA, CA – June 28, 2017 – (Motor Sports Newswire) –  More than a decade ago, Royal Riding pioneered the use of gel inserts with the original Cool-Tush™ seat pads. By combining contour-cushioning foam with a special polymer “gel” borrowed from the life sciences field, Royal Riding made it possible to ride like royalty without having to break the bank. However, materials and design have advanced. To keep up with technology, Royal Riding is rolling out the LoPro™ line at the 2017 Hollister Independence Rally, June 30-July 2.

“It is everything our original Cool-Tush™ gel seat pads are, but with some new twists,” explains Royal Riding’s Rod Derifield. “Our new gel formulation distributes weight and deadens vibration more effectively than the original, yet it is half the thickness,” he explains. “We were able to get the same level of comfort with less gel material for a lower profile.”

Immediate benefits of the LoPro™ pad include a sense of being connected with the bike, yet cutting out half an inch from the height means a shorter rider can now use a seat pad. “We know that stock seats are a compromise to fit the ‘average’ customer… however Royal Riding believes comfort is not an area for compromise.”

The LoPro’s lower profile is only half the story, though. The addition of seat innovator Lars Roulund to the team resulted in some “revolutionary” changes to come with the July 4th launch. “We incorporated a peritoneal groove in the center, carved out a deeper tailbone relief area and built in room for the boys up front,” says Roulund. In addition to taking pressure off your privates and improving overall circulation to prevent a numb bum, the added ventilation helps alleviate hot spots and chafing, he notes.

“At the heart of the matter, gel is a superior vibration elimination material and the ergonomic additions have revolutionized the role of seat pads,” adds Derifield. “However, our goal remains to enable people to ride farther with less pain.” A range of sizes and shapes means the LoPro™ can be used with virtually any make and model of motorcycles on the road today.

If you can’t make it to the royal rollout at the Hollister Independence Rally this weekend, check out the Royal Riding range of seat pads, including the standard Cool-Tush™ and classic sheepskin, at the website:

Learn more about the LoPro™ line here:

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