Crackdown on Biker Gangs Make Biker Dating Communities More Tight Knit and Active Online

MIAMI, FL – May 26, 2017 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Freedom, the open road, rebel and loner are all concepts many would use when describing the average biker. Although bikers do attract a lot of attention and admiration in the mainstream media and many wish they could live out their roadster dream the way bikers do, bikers don’t always have it so easy when it comes to dating. is a niche dating site dedicated to biker dating so that real bikers can meet others actually living their lifestyle.

Getting over stereotypes is hard, especially when there are such obvious prejudices held against a community such as the biker one. For instance, in 2011, the FBI released its National Gang Threat Assessment, where nationwide law enforcement professionals estimated that currently there are 44,000 members of outlaw motorcycle gangs functioning and active. This number were then affiliated with what could be of any 3,000 active gangs in the country, all of whom have violent track records. Even though these gangs amount to just 2.5% of all gang members in the U.S., the image that goes along with being a biker is intimately linked with crime and violence, says the 2013 National Gang Report from the FBI’s National Gang Intelligence Center.

This bad reputation has caused many bikers, who want to meet local bikers, to pull inward, and that’s why more and more of them have turned to the privacy and security that only online dating can offer. This site will bring all different types of people, from all walks of life together under the biker banner, where they can meet, chat, get to know each other and do it in a safe and judgment-free environment. Since no one wants to be associated with the under belly of any subculture, now real bikers will not have to fear that either. They can be themselves, share their adventures and possibly even find someone similar, who owns a bike, to hit the road with.

Currently, there are no real recognized and organized communities of bikers outside of gangs, and that just doesn’t appeal to most bike enthusiasts, so with this dedicated niche dating site, which promotes interaction, exchange and socializing, bikers have more freedom on who they choose to ride with, and with whom they want to associate or get romantic with. It offers them such a wide network of contacts for all kinds of social interactions, that simply put, biker culture will never look back from this. Going virtual is going to open a lot of paths for bike lovers to share their passion with the world, in a positive way. And that’s where comes in, to point them in the right direction, so they’ll never have to ride alone again. is available 24/7 from all parts of the country, wherever there is an internet connection, and can be found at

Source: Biker Next