MechOptix introduces Stoptix Automatic Brake Light as a Replacement Bulb

Reduce Your Chances of Being Rear-Ended

HUNTSVILLE, AL – April 17,2017 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Jeff Hammock, CEO of MechOptix Inc., had too many close calls while riding his motorcycle. “My own wife almost rear-ended me on a cross-country trip when she was following our group in her Jeep. We’d only been married one year so she didn’t have enough reasons yet to run me over” said Hammock. The brake light did not illuminate when downshifting or engine braking, the common way to slow your motorcycle. MechOptix solves this problem with an automatic brake light, Stoptix, as a replacement bulb that still operates as a Tail-Brake-Turn lamp just as the original bulbs.

Stoptix reduces your chance of being rear-ended by indicating deceleration every time, not just when the brake pedal is depressed. It illuminates for downshifts / engine braking, colliding with road hazards, and front-end collisions. An accelerometer measures the decreasing speed or deceleration (g-force), and triggers the light to illuminate. “We used our team’s extensive sensor experience to develop g-force triggering logic far more advanced than what has been used in similar products” said Hammock.   Our programming prevents road vibration, vehicle vibration, centrifugal force, and downhill angle from falsely illuminating the light. Customers can select one of five settings for the g-force trigger with no cable connection or wireless connection required, and can program or re-program the lamp after it is installed in the vehicle. No load resistor is required. It works in 6-Volt vehicles. No wiring modifications to the vehicle are required. It fully recharges in 3 seconds when you apply the brakes. Automatic. Smart.

Stoptix lamps replace 1157 Tail-Brake-Turn (check website for fitment) bulbs. We also have an 1156 Tail lamp that turns your tail light into an automatic brake light. Units shipped to customers in the U.S., Canada, and Australia before being listed on Amazon. The retail price is $59.95 for one and $99.95 for a 2-pack. Distributors and retailers can contact MechOptix for wholesale pricing.

Stoptix has your back so you can look forward to the road ahead of you.


MechOptix is a sensor company focused on safety on and near the roadway. Our company is unique to the industry because our team has broad technical experience combined with a passion for motorcycling and all things automotive.   We also offer a Stoptix Bicycle Brake Light. For more information go to

Source:  MechOptix Inc.