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RANCHO DOMINGUEZ, CA – April 13, 2017 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – FMF Racing introduces Flying Machine Stories – An inside look of the roots of the company and brand and people that share the same passion for roost, metal and twisting throttles.

We want to understand why you ride? Is it the mental escape? Is it the feeling of flight? Is it capturing the unknown?

For certain it is the sensation you feel at the end of the day. The ride makes us more aware of who we are. The trail transports us to an indescribable state of mental and physical satisfaction.

We need to see beyond the racetrack to feel the fabric binding everyone who rides. We want to share your story. This is the first chapter in a series where we will dig deep, and find our roots.

The journey opens with WLF Enduro. WLF is a hardcore off-road crew who have gained a global following through sharing their backcountry adventures. The story begins here at the Flying Machine Factory. Watch the video, and meet the Wolfpack.

Head over to the site to view the whole story:

To coincide with the launch of the Flying Machine Stories Episode 001 we have released a Limited Edition FMF/WLF Apparel Collection

Design inspired by WLF’s home turf of the high deserts. Uncle Donnie’s Wingman and the WLF come together as a pack to make FLYING WLF FACTORY. Flying side by side thru the dust and the mud making sure we get in and get out of whatever the trail throws at us.


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Instagram: @FlyingMachineFactory, @FMF73, @WLFEnduro

About FMF Racing

Established in 1973, FMF Racing is one of the most dominant and influential brands in the world of Off-Road Motocross Racing. Founded by Don Emler in his Hawthorne, CA garage, the brand’s steadfast dedication to supporting the sport, along with its athletes and partners, has earned the respect and loyalty of industry consumers and insiders.  From cutting-edge design to efficient manufacturing, sourcing, marketing, operations and distribution, FMF strives to elevate performance in every facet of the business. FMF Racing’s iconic red-and-yellow logo is still fueling the growth and passion for the sport of motocross more than 40 years later. The family-owned and operated company also features top level world-class race teams that continue to dominate the podium at events around the globe.

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