Outlaw Racing Radiator Cap with Gauge

8 03 2017

ST. PETERSBURG, FL – March 8, 2017 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Outlaw Racing has announced the release of their new high pressure universal radiator cap with gauge, the perfect accessory or replacement for your stock radiator cap.

The Outlaw Racing Radiator Cap is a direct replacement for most liquid cooled 2-stroke and 4-stroke Japanese motorcycles. The built in gauge gives you accurate temperature readings from 32-400 degrees Fahrenheit and 0-200 Celsius. The Outlaw Racing Radiator Cap is designed to raise the pressure of your cooling system to 19 PSI for increased cooling system performance, and reduced boil over, especially in extremely hot or muddy conditions. Expect a 25+ degree increase in the coolant boiling point. Triple silicone seals ensure leak free performance. Manufactured from lightweight aluminum with an anodized finish. MSRP: $44.95 OutlawRacingProducts.com To become a dealer go to RLMDistribution.com

Source: Outlaw Racing 




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