ProTrax Introduces all new Off Road Tires

ST. PETERSBURG, FL – January 31, 2017 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – ProTrax has announced the release of their new off road tire range — the ProTrax Top Gear, SC, SG, and Tough Gear Mini — a complete offering for any type of off-road terrain.

Pro Trax tire chart

ProTrax top gear ProTrax top gear tread

The ProTrax Top Gear is designed for soft terrain. It features newly developed shoulder knobs for confident cornering and small ribs in the sub tread for additional traction in sandy and soft terrain. The tough 4-ply construction provides robust puncture resistance and long term durability. Tread block spacing is engineered for maximum forward traction and excellent mud shedding capabilities. The cupped style tread pattern offers surprising straight line traction in sand and soft terrain. The proprietary rubber compound is engineered for a long tread life. MSRP: $62.95-$92.95

ProTrax sc ProTrax SC tread

The ProTrax SC was created with the purpose of delivering excellent traction across the widest range of dirt. A “true jack of all trades” the SC gives up some hardpack traction in order to excel in mud, sand, and intermediate terrains. Tread spacing is optimized to reduce mud build up for better all around performance. The large center knob design offers high speed stability and combined with the directional tread allows better hookup when exiting corners, while the mid shoulder knobs cut a clean line and inspire cornering confidence. The SC’s tough 4-ply construction provides exquisite puncture resistance and durability. MSRP: $62.95-$87.95

ProTrax SG ProTrax SG tread

The ProTrax SG specializes in the tough stuff. The robust compound and tread design is engineered to bite into hardpack, rock, and shale while maintaining long wearing characteristics. The super stiff sidewall and optimized tread depth allow even the bigger displacement bikes to put the power down with authority. Additional tread beneath the knobbles allows for predictable handling when you find a patch of sand or mud. Large center knobs align with the intermediate and sides to deliver that extra bite you need when riding on especially hard terrain. MSRP: $62.95-$92.95

ProTrax Tough Gear ProTrax Tough Gear tread

The ProTrax Tough Gear Mini is designed for soft/intermediate terrain. They are engineered to balance between maximum traction over diverse terrain with fitments for your mini or mid-sized dirt bike. Like the full size ProTrax line these tires feature robust 4-ply construction, optimized tread depth, and large center knobs for stability. MSRP: $27.95-$54.95

About ProTrax

ProTrax was created to offer an affordable tire option for the weekend warrior. We believe that quality and affordability are not mutually exclusive. Our tires are designed to offer the highest performance per dollar and are guaranteed to exceed your expectations. Whether you are taking your bike for a weekend ride, or aiming for the podium choose ProTrax. Available exclusively at


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