PortablePaintBooths.com Launches Industry’s First Financing Making Portable Power Easily Affordable

Portable Paint Booths, LLC now offers inflatable, portable paint booths
for auto body shops and other paint associated service providers.
They offer affordable monthly payment options and
lease terms to help business grow.

January 9, 2017 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Imagine having an automotive painting business but not having the money to invest in a stand alone booth?

PortablePaintBooths.com is now available to meet those needs at a very affordable price! Our mobile and portable paint booths can be set up in as little as 10 minutes, providing a clean painting space in any location, indoors or out. Their rental options make these portable booths extremely affordable and give the opportunity to promote brand names with a custom printed logo right on the booth. Enjoy the option to upgrade to new equipment every three years, all at a great price which makes it easy to turn a profit!


Three Different Sizes

Their portable paint booths can be set up in any location, indoors or out. Each are extremely durable and made from high quality PVC TPU material complete with large, clear side and entry panels. Booths are equipped with straps that can be tied down with sandbags or stakes to firmly anchor them in place. Three different sizes are available to meet all needs; the smallest model fits small cars along with extra parts while the largest model is roomy enough for vans and larger trucks.

Rental Options That Make Turning a Profit Easy

It has never been easier to turn a profit in a painting business than with the help of their 36 month rental programs which eliminate the need to invest thousands of dollars in a stand alone paint booth. For as little as $299/mo, get a portable paint booth delivered within 14-21 days. After 36 months, choose to simply return the booth or enter into a new agreement. Their products increase the freedom and flexibility within businesses while making it easy to turn a profit right away!

Promote Brand Name

Their rental programs gives the option to have custom printed logos on the outside of the booth, at no extra cost. Simply provide them with a high resolution graphic and start enjoying the benefits of a “branding billboard” everywhere. For those who run a mobile business, this is an excellent way to advertise. Because their booths can be deflated in as little as 15 minutes and easily fit into the back of a pick up truck or small trailer, you’ll be able to take the booth anywhere, while taking an important part of your advertising campaign with you!

Source: Portable Paint Booths, LLC