Daymak Introduces New Ultra Beast ATV First AWD Customizable ATV

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA – December 6, 2016 – (Motor Sports Newswire) –  Daymak has unveiled their new model Daymak Ultra Beast. The Ultra Beast ATV is 100% electric powered AWD with customization features via the Bluetooth Daymak Drive Application running on Android or IOS.

The ATV features 3 individual motors (2 for the 2 front wheels) and 1 for the back wheels. The three motors run on 2 separate battery packs that can come in Lithium or lead acid batteries.

“This is the only ATV that you can customize each motor, and the front motors are independent of the back motor. Meaning if the front motor fails or you run out of power the ATV will run independently on the back motor, or vice versa. Thus reducing the chance of running out power or mechanical failure. The display runs on a removable tablet, which gives a very cool look and separates it from the old gas ATVs. Plus, it’s super quiet and goes anywhere, but most of all it’s fun to ride!” – Aldo Baiocchi, President of Daymak

The customization features include torque, acceleration, top speed, regenerative brakes and motor lock. A tablet display running Android is also included and works as the speedometer, odometer and runs the app right in front of the rider.

Daymak UltraBeast Display

“This ATV with its 3 motors and dual battery pack can get up to 120km range. Tackle any terrain without making a noise and without polluting. It’s build with passion at Daymak in Toronto. Team Daymak Yeah! ” – Aldo Continued

The ATV is available in several configurations and can be customized to the rider’s needs initially by Daymak and then by the user directly.

“The ATV is a perfect utility machine with snowplow and winch. We look forward in replacing antiquated polluting gas ATVs in all cities around the world. We believe in reducing pollution one electric vehicle at a time,” Akili Sylvester, Marketing Coordinator projected.

Daymak UltraBeast ATV

The Daymak Ultra ATV deliveries will begin January 2017 more information at

For more information contact Akili (Marketing Coordinator) at 416-658-3993 x 210 or email us at

Source: Daymak Inc.