Foam Power introduces the best solution yet to cleaning diesel soot!

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – December 1, 2016 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Foam Power is proud to announce they will be introducing our new Diesel Soot Foam as the best solution to the headache that are the sooty deposits left by diesel exhausts (see the inside of the exhaust pipes pictured). The word “best” isn’t our word, but that of the people who have tried it in the diesel motorsports and trucking worlds.

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Used as part of Foam Power’s new unique cleaning system, Diesel Soot Foam offers an effective cleaning solution for those diesel focused industries.

“The foam provides the contact time through its soaking and chemistry actions to get the diesel soot, along with dirt, clay and bugs, to let go with gentle brushing and pressurized water like never before”, said Ronald E. Fales, President of Foam Power.

Foam Power’s combination of equipment and chemistry bring the cleaning effectiveness, cost/time savings and vehicle protection that only foam can provide!

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Stop by the Foam Power booth #6058 at PRI and find out how Foam Power can make your Diesel Dragster, Sled Puller, Trailer and more, look better, perform better and last longer. Saving you huge time and money!

PRI trade show runs December 8 – 10, in downtown Indianapolis at the Indiana Convention Center.

Foam Power is a distributorship providing access to both unique cleaning equipment and a diverse stable of cleaning chemistry. Our chemistries are specifically engineered to create a rich foam when utilized in our innovative foaming equipment. By offering an ever-evolving product line of equipment and a growing selection of cleaning chemistry, we can pair together the perfect combination to provide solutions to your unique cleaning issues. We presently serve such markets as dirt track racing, motocross, diesel motorsports, the trucking industry, collision shops, RV and trailers, etc… and the list is ever growing!

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