Now You Can easily run LED lights off your dirt bike’s stock AC electrical system

20 10 2016

SAN MARCOS, CA – October 20, 2016 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – With over 24 years of lighting knowledge, Baja Designs has engineered a solution to easily run LED lighting off of a dirt bike’s stock AC electrical system.

For years, running high performance auxiliary lights required a stator rewind or aftermarket stator, new regulator/rectifier and a wiring harness. This increases the cost and complexity of adding performance lighting to a bike.

Baja Designs’ AC circuit easily installs between the stock wiring harness and a BD auxiliary light, providing immediate performance gains. The circuit ensures consistent power to your Baja Designs lights regardless of your motor’s RPM level, allowing you to ride safely all night long.


About Baja Designs

“For 20+ years Baja Designs has engineered revolutionary ways to stay at the forefront of motorcycle and automotive lighting. Founder/Lead engineer Alan Roach is an avid Baja 1000 motorcycle racer who fine-tuned a motorcycle’s limited real estate to maximize rider comfort, speed and safety.  As a result, BD lights have won every professional and amateur motorcycle and ATV Baja 1000 class for over 15 years.”

Source: Baja Designs, Inc.





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