The Origins Of The Godfather Of The Street Tracker: Richard Pollock Revealed On British Customs’ Blog

LOS ANGELES, CA – September 15, 2016 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Richard Pollock, the founder of Mule Motorcycles is considered one of the greatest custom motorcycles builders in the world, but that was a title he grew into after many years of dedication, focus, and old fashioned hard work. He is attributed with having invented the iconic classic style of motorcycle known as the street tracker, a street-legal version of the flat track racing bikes of yesteryear, and his motorcycles have been on the covers of numerous major motorcycle magazines including Cycle World and Sideburn.

Pollock did a series of exclusive interviews with British Customs, a leading designer and manufacturer of aftermarket parts for Triumph motorcycles, that tell his story from its fortuitous beginnings to the current day. Pollock’s origin story tells of being brought up by his father who worked in the early days of the space program to tinker with everything he could get his hands on, to discovering motorcycles when his sister came home from college on one, to graduating into professional-level flat track racing at the age of 45. The experiences from each stage of his life are reflected in the design of his parts and motorcycles, which tell a story all of their own.


Recently, Pollock partnered with British Customs to build multiple custom motorcycles and become his exclusive parts retailer. While all of Pollock’s motorcycles are one-off bespoke builds commissioned by private clients, the demand and popularity of his motorcycles urged him to create a collection of bolt-on parts that any rider could purchase and install themselves. Pollock chose to partner with British Customs because of their passion for quality, heritage, and respect for the past which reflects his own. The Mule parts now available from British Customs include the Mule Tracker Bar, the Mule Swingarm Spacers, the Mule Tri-Oil Cooler Kit, the Mule Sprocket Cover, the Mule Passenger Peg Block-Offs, and more. Each of these parts is made from the highest quality materials, and most are bolt-on to factory specs to allow any rider to achieve an iconic street tracker appearance with their Triumph motorcycle.

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Together, Pollock and British Customs are supporting the growing do-it-yourself movement within the motorcycle community of people who appreciate the rich heritage and traditions of motorcycling. Their parts encourage people to reconnect with the past and to gather with friends and family to spend time getting their hands dirty and having fun.

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To read British Customs’ interview with Richard Pollock, visit the British Customs Blog. To find out more about what Mule Motorcycles parts are available from British Customs online store, visit their online store.

About British Customs

British Customs is a Southern California-based lifestyle brand and designer of aftermarket motorcycle parts. They are known for making the highest quality factory-spec bolt-on parts that only require common tools and minimal technical knowledge to install. With any of their parts upgrades, the average rider can completely customize his or her motorcycle in a weekend.

About Mule Motorcycles

Mule Motorcycles is a custom motorcycle garage run singularly by legendary builder Richard Pollock. Pollock makes all his motorcycles by hand, and designs them with an obsession for perfection.

Source: British Customs

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