MindFX Science Launches Line of Performance Supplements for Motorcyclists

MURRIETA, CA – September 14, 2016 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – MindFX Science, Inc. announces the release of their new line of performance supplements, MindFX Performance, developed specifically to help motorcyclists maintain energy and focus.

mindfxSince 2012, MindFX Science has worked with renowned trainer Aldon Baker to develop a proprietary formula aimed at delivering sustained energy, concentration and focus. Baker’s athletes have used it to maintain energy levels and mental acuity during training and in competition, on their way to winning multiple Supercross and Motocross championships. After years of testing and development, what was once considered the “best kept secret” among elite motocross athletes is now available to the general public.

“MindFX is a healthier drink that provides a lot of good ingredients,” says MindFX partner Aldon Baker. “It has one of the best herbal formulas and there’s a lot of science behind this formula that helps keep the mind alert, which translates to why I like it for my athletes. The key in this sport is being confident in what you’re doing, being alert and not fatiguing. So covering those bases is what MindFX brings to the table.”

MindFX Performance is an all-natural, herbal-based formula aimed at delivering sustained energy, concentration and focus. This entirely organic supplement works by stimulating the body’s natural development of nutrients, hormones and endorphins. What sets MindFX Performance apart from other energy drinks and supplements on the market is the focus on improved mental function.

MindFX was developed to improve performance in training, racing and everyday riding thanks to its natural ingredients. In addition to B vitamins, 8g of fructose and 75mg of complex caffeine, MindFX uses adaptogenic herbs intended to decrease cellular sensitivity to stress and provide long-lasting energy without experiencing “jitters” or “crashing.” Theobromine aids in enhancing cognitive function, brain circulation and brain signaling activity, while Rhodiola Rosea has been shown to combat stress and exhaustion during training and competition.

“MindFX Science supplements are ideal for extreme sports athletes because they improve focus, concentration and overall performance,” remarks Dr. Richard Amy, an expert in applied neurology. “The key ingredients are a proprietary blend of adaptogenic herbs, which are popular among natural health enthusiasts.”

MindFX Performance is available in single-serving powdered mix packets, making it easy and convenient to add to a bottle of water. MindFX servings are sold in 3-packs for $4.95, 15-packs for $19.95 and 20-packs for $29.95.  To learn more or to purchase MindFX Performance, visit www.mind-fx.com. MindFX Performance is also available from Amazon and from select Southern California KTM dealers.

DEALER INQUIRIES: email sales@mind-fx.com

About MindFX Science, Inc.

Based in Murrieta, California, MindFX Science is the first company to offer a healthy line of mental performance supplements for athletes, college students, professionals, video gamers and people on the go. The MindFX Science team comprises renowned motocross trainer Aldon Baker, CEO Kevin D. McCarthy, and Founder Robert Krakoff. Learn more or shop at www.mind-fx.com.

Source: MindFX Science, Inc.