Seat Time selling FUEL UP! shirt to support Team USA at the 2016 ISDE in Spain

September 1, 2016 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Seat Time is proud to be releasing their 3rd quarter shirt design. With the 2016 ISDE only a few months away, we wanted to create a shirt that would create a special blend of Seat Time merriment and Team USA ISDE pride. As you know, we are the beer drinking and bench racing offroad show. We have been looking for a way to integrate the beer drinking aspect into a shirt design we could be proud of, and wear.

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50% of the proceeds of the shirt sale will be given to the racers on the Team USA for the 2016 ISDE in Navarra, Spain. Each racer, Trophy, Junior, Women’s and Club will be given a free shirt and stickers to represent USA while racing in Spain.

This sale will last from September 1st – September 14th. We will then have the order printed and shipped out to the supporters. You will not be able to buy this shirt again, unless we decide to make them available again (Hint: November).

Working with Zoe Brinkley again, we created an iconic design we have yet to see. Too many times we’ve used red solo cups to contain our beverage of choice.  Now those red solo cups have been worked into the iconic rod/piston layout to give Seat Time it’s own recognizable design for years to come.

Since these are support shirts and racers get a free one, we may ship to them first to make sure they have them for the event. If that is the case, we will let you all know through email.

The shirt is available on the Seat Time website.

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Source: Seat Time

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