Slimline Belts

DragonFire Restraints Now Available in 2″ SlimLine Version

CHANDLER, AZ – August 22, 2016 – (Motor Sports Newswire) –  DragonFire’s new SlimLine 2″ sewn-in harnesses offer everything our popular 3″ wide restraint systems have… and less.  Even though all the good stuff is included, the MSRP is still $10 cheaper than DragonFire’s existing 3″ harnesses. Less really is more.

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“Safety and comfort are the key factors to enjoying a positive off-road experience and served as the original rationale for our popular 3″ restraint systems,” explains DragonFire Sales & Marketing Manager Megan Dible. “These elements are even more true of our SlimLine 2″ harness restraints.”

Like all DragonFire 4-point harnesses, the 2″ version has been engineered to keep you strapped securely in your seat no matter how tough the terrain may be. However some riders find the 3″ strap to be too wide, so to optimize the fit and enhance comfort, DragonFire introduced the narrower belts. “In keeping with the less is more theme, we did not cut back on the generous amount of memory foam incorporated into the extended sewn-in shoulder pads,” she adds.

Available in red, black, blue and grey colorways, there is even a 2″ Submarine Belt option (5th point attachment).

Standard features include:

  • 2″ H-style harness
  • Extended sewn-in shoulder pads with integrated sternum clip
  • Shoulder and lap belts sewn together for easier in/out
  • Fully adjustable to fit all size riders
  • Easy adjustment pull down tabs
  • 4-Points for added security
  • Sold individually (Qty. 1 will outfit 1 seat)

MSRP  $109.99 Get more specifics here:


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Source: Motorsport Aftermarket Group