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Malcolm Smith Racing Hard Parts Foot Pegs Are Outstanding In Their Field

IRVINE, CA – August 11, 2016 – (Motor Sports Newswire) –  The Malcolm Smith Racing Collection has to live up to the standards set by the legendary Malcolm Smith himself. From the tip of Baja to the Roof of Africa for Six Days and On Any Sunday, Malcolm Smith has been there and won that! Every component in the collection is engineered to not only survive but thrive in the most extreme conditions.


“Before Malcolm’s name goes on, some serious design goes into every product,” explains Brand Manager Jason Gearld. “Case and point, our stainless steel foot pegs. Most riders take the lowly peg for granted, but considering the only two points of contact you have with a bike are the bars and the pegs, they become critical.” The tougher the terrain, the more important it is to be up on the pegs and in total control.

With that in mind Malcolm Smith Racing pegs feature an exclusive arched cleat design to provide for better positioning and enhanced control. Further improving feel and control are the 55mm wide foot beds and aggressive cleats to keep the riders feet firmly planted at all times.

Corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction ensures that these pegs will last a full Six Days, if not the lifetime of your bike, quips Gearld. “And they will look damned good doing it!”

  • Stainless steel cast construction resists rust and corrosion for added life and durability
  • Exclusive camber/arched cleat design aids in enhanced rider positioning and control
  • A 55mm wide platform provides for comfort and control
  • Aggressive peaked cleat pattern keeps rider firmly planted in all weather conditions without tearing up the soles of your boots
  • Open flow-thru design keeps mud and rocks from building up
  • 13mm (1/2″) rear offset for larger feet or to achieve a more rearward position
  • Made in the U.S.A.

“When it comes time to step up your off-road game settle for nothing less than legendary!” says Gearld. “Keep your elbows up and your feet on Malcolm Smith Racing pegs.”

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Malcolm Smith Racing off-road products bear the name of the most legendary off-road racer of all time and we are honor-bound to live up to the legacy. Built to perform, to last and to survive more extreme conditions than your ordinary parts. Adhering to the strictest quality and safety standards, Malcolm Smith Racing believes in bringing products to the off-road community that provide riders reassurance so you can enjoy your passion. Our passion is to ensure that our riders have the ability to ride longer in adverse weather conditions and over difficult terrain with peace of mind. Malcolm Smith Racing is your brand and our goal is to offer you the best in off-road parts and accessories. For more information about the Malcolm Smith Hard Parts Collection, visit

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