MSR Introduces High Performance Hydro Packs

MSR Defeats Dehydration

IRVINE, CA – July 6, 2016 – (Motor Sports Newswire) –  Malcolm Smith Racing’s mission is to ensure that riders have the ability to ride longer in adverse conditions, period. From Malcolm Smith’s first Baja 1000 win in 1967 to Team Ox Motorsports/MSR’s 2016 Baja victory, MSR knows better than anyone what it is like to race in arid conditions and the very real dangers of dehydration. This is the inspiration for 2017 MSR High Performance Hydration Systems.


Dangers of dehydration are no joke! “Even minor symptoms such as weakness, dizziness, palpitations (feeling that the heart is jumping or pounding), confusion and fainting are compounded when you are on the pegs charging through a wash tapped out in 6th gear or threading your way through the trees at a GNCC,” says Malcolm Smith Racing brand manager Brent Harden. “Riding on the razor’s edge means you need all your faculties… a little dizziness or the slightest lack of focus can result in disaster in the blink of an eye.”

To help prevent dehydration from becoming an issue, MSR has introduced four new high performance Hydro packs. From the bare bones H1 Race System to the top of the line A4 Hydro system, features abound. “We took the best bladders in the business and applied 50 years of off-road racing expertise to create a comprehensive hydration system,” explains Harden.


Tested by top pros like Coastal Racing’s Craig DeLong in GNCCs and the Ox Motorsports team in Baja, the systems feature secure 4-point harnesses, hands-free bite valves and some unique high tech materials. Based on the racer feedback, the vented mesh chassis allows for air to flow freely while a proprietary heat deflection foil liner transfers hot spots away from the rider.

  • H1 – Secure Race Harness. Compact 18oz. Bladder Helmet. Hands-Free Bite Valve
  • XC – Secure 4-Point Harness. Medium 2.0 Liter Bladder. Smart Device Pocket
  • A2 – Secure 4-Point Harness. Large 3.0 Liter Bladder. Smart Device Pocket
  • A4 – Secure 4-Point Harness. Large 3.0 Liter Bladder. Large Storage Compartment. Smart Device Pocket

Malcolm Smith’s legend lives on! Get more details at:

DEALERS: MSR products are available exclusively through Tucker Rocky Distributing


“We Are Off-Road” Our products bear the name of the most legendary off-road racer of all time: Malcolm Smith. While being built to perform, to last and to survive harder hits than your ordinary riding apparel, MSR products are also built to be comfortable and stylish. Adhering to the strictest quality and safety standards, MSR believes in bringing products to the off-road community that provide serious protection and reassurance so you can enjoy your passion. Our passion is to ensure that our riders have the ability to ride longer in adverse weather conditions and over difficult terrain with peace of mind about their apparel. Malcolm Smith Racing is your brand and our goal is to offer you the best in off-road apparel and protection equipment. For more information about MSR, visit

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