The Monster Energy / Pro Circuit / Kawasaki Team Pushes Through RedBud

CORONA, CA – July 4, 2016 – (Motor Sports Newswire) –  The sixth round of the 2016 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship brought the Monster Energy/ Pro Circuit/Kawasaki Team to Buchanan, Michigan on Saturday. Once again, Adam Cianciarulo started the day off strong with the fastest times in the 250 class during morning practices. Building off of this momentum, the team prepared themselves for battle.


Savatgy Carries On
In the first moto, Joey Savatgy found himself battling it out for the lead. Throughout the race, he placed pressure on the leader and pushed himself to close the gap that separated the two. He would finish the first race in 2nd but remained hungry for the overall. The second moto dealt him some rather unexpected circumstances. Despite what was thrown at him, he continued to get back on his bike and return the race. Finishing the race and demonstrating true sportsmanship, Joey left RedBud in 7th.


“I spent the time off working on my entire program as I have all season long. In the first moto I was close to taking the win towards the end and tried to make a charge but it didn’t happen for me this time. The track is really loamy so the smallest mistake takes a big chunk of time from you. Overall it was a good moto but I’m here to win.”


Forkner Remains in the Fight
Week after week, all eyes continue to fall on Austin Forkner. His impressive ride is a constant reminder that the rookie remains a serious contender in the series and future of the sport. In the first moto, he flew by the competition and grabbed the holeshot. Consistently riding in the front of the line during both motos, he finished the day in 8th. Austin remains eager to lead the pack across the checkers this season.

“In the first moto I earned the first holeshot of my pro career which was great. I ran up front for a little bit and fought hard for the lead. The first 20-25 minutes I was in third, unfortunately towards the end of the race I was pushed wide and passed by two riders at once and I ended up bringing it home in sixth. In the second moto I struggled a little at the beginning of the race and it held me back. I still came back for 10th so I’m pretty happy with that. I’ll be working on my consistency and getting rid of a few mistakes and I’ll be up front and show these guys what I’ve got.”


AC Makes Headway
Motivated by his successful morning, Adam Cianciarulo entered both motos prepared and ready to give it his all. Staying smooth and consistent, he was able to ride among the leaders. His strong performance at RedBud earned him 6th overall for the day. Since returning to racing, he continues to battle through obstacles and remains extremely positive and optimistic. Driven by this weekend’s results, he looks forward to performing even better as the series goes on.

“The weekend was a step in the right direction. I’ve had good starts and been going fast lately but a few errors have hindered my results a bit. I was the fastest in qualifying again which is always good for my confidence and the motos were all about focusing on riding my race. I’m a little upset with my starts but this was a really good building week heading to Southwick.”


Tonus Displays Progress
Arnaud Tonus earned his best results of the season at this weekend’s race. He found himself among the leaders and pushed himself to stay towards the front of the pack in both motos. Proving he has what it takes to ride in front, he is determined to return there every weekend. While his 9th place finish may be his best so far, watch for him to continue to rise higher in the oncoming rounds of the series.

“This was my best weekend so far. Every weekend has been better than the last and I felt really good in the second moto today. I’m very happy with how I rode, I just need a little work on the starts and I’ll be at the front where I belong. There’s still work to be done but we’re moving in the right direction.”

250MX Results from RedBud

1. Cooper Webb, Yamaha- 50
2. Alex Martin, Yamaha- 40
3. Zach Osborne, Husqvarna- 38
4. Jeremy Martin, Yamaha- 36
5. Shane McElrath, KTM- 28
6. Adam Cianciarulo, Monster Energy/ Pro Circuit/ Kawasaki- 27
7. Joey Savatgy, Monster Energy/ Pro Circuit/ Kawasaki- 27
8. Austin Forkner, Monster Energy/ Pro Circuit/ Kawasaki- 26
9. Arnaud Tonus, Monster Energy/ Pro Circuit/ Kawasaki- 25
10. Mitchell Oldenburg, KTM- 25

250MX Overall Championship Point Standings

1. Cooper Webb, Yamaha- 243
2. Joey Savatgy, Monster Energy/ Pro Circuit/ Kawasaki- 232
3. Jeremy Martin, Yamaha -209
4. Alex Martin, Yamaha- 198
5. Zach Osborne, Husqvarna- 190
6. Austin Forkner, Monster Energy/ Pro Circuit/ Kawasaki- 164
7. Aaron Plessinger, Yamaha -152
8. Shane McElrath, KTM- 124
9. Mitchell Oldenburg, KTM- 117
10. RJ Hampshire, Honda- 113
11. Adam Cianciarulo, Monster Energy/ Pro Circuit/ Kawasaki- 109
12. Arnaud Tonus, Monster Energy/ Pro Circuit/ Kawasaki- 105