It’s Fendergating Time: 2×2 Cycles Launches the Unique Motorcycle “MotoGrill”

CHAPEL HILL, NC – June 23, 2016 – (Motor Sports Newswire) –  2×2 Cycles, which designs, manufactures and distributes a range of innovative racking solutions for motorcycles such as bicycle and golf club carriers, proudly announced today the launch of its latest product: the unique “MotoGrill.”

Moto Grill Cover Image

The stainless steel, made-in-the-USA MotoGrill is an attachment piece that installs on 2×2 Cycles’ existing rack platform, and extends the utility of motorcycles for convenient car-free tailgating (a.k.a. “fendergating”). The MotoGrill also:

  • Has an adjustable cutting board that neatly stores within the product when not in use;
  • Telescopes in/out to prevent any splatter from landing on a motorcycle;
  • Gimbals to level so that it can be used regardless of the terrain on which a motorcycle is parked.

“The act of tailgating is integral to the free spirit inside all of us,” commented Garrett Blake, the Founder of 2×2 Cycles. “Gathering up some friends for an outing filled with camaraderie and grilling is an easy recipe for a good time. However, tailgating so far has been limited to cars, leaving behind millions of motorcyclists who would jump at the opportunity to bring the spirit of tailgating with them on their motorcycles. Now thanks to the MotoGrill, the era of fendergating has arrived!”

2X2 Cycle Moto Grill OnTheGrill

Another key feature of the MotoGrill is that it runs on propane, which means motorcyclists don’t have to worry about hauling a bag of charcoal, or removing the grill and emptying it when finished. They simply park their bike, attach a travel sized propane tank, and start grilling away.

Added Mr. Blake: “Having the ability to just go out for a ride with friends, pull off, set up camp, and grill has been a dream of mine as a motorcyclist. The MotoGrill really has the opportunity to benefit everyone who has a passion for adventure, and truly wants to abandon their car. What better way to celebrate that passion than an outing with fellow riders and some fendergating!”

2x2 Cycle MotoGrillReadyToGo2x2 Cycle MotoGrilSelfContained

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About 2×2 Cycles

At 2×2 Cycles, we design, manufacture, and distribute multiple racking solutions for motorcycles. We believe that all motorcyclists should be able to bring their favorite toys – whether it be bicycles, golf clubs or grills – when they go for a ride, and ditch their cars for good. 2×2 Cycles was founded with that goal in mind, and we truly believe that “yes, you can take it with you!”

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