Be Prepared This Riding Season – Weego Jump Starters Ensure Dead Batteries Won't Kill Your Ride

Motorcycle Riding is Not Complete Without Weego to Make Jump Starting and Charging Safe and Easy

WESTAMPTON, NJ – June 14, 2016 – (Motor Sports Newswire) –  With the 2016 summer riding season underway, it’s important for motorcycle enthusiasts to make sure they are prepared for all kinds of problems on the road, especially a dead battery. Weego, the innovator of portable jump starters should be at the top of everyone’s list to prevent a dead battery from stopping a ride.


Weego’s line of Jump Starter Battery+ models are ready to energize the riding season by jump starting dead batteries with the included clamps or making it easier than ever with an all-new accessory, Powersports Tether. The 24” long tether connects directly to the motorcycle’s battery and can be plugged into a Weego Jump Starter, eliminating any need to remove the seat whenever jump starting. This is a perfect, ultra-convenient solution for any emergency engine-starts required while away from home. An included SAE trickle charge adapter also allows the same tether to be connected to a trickle charger, perfect for regular battery maintenance. When getting ready for the motorcycle season simply connect a trickle charger to the SAE connector to recharge the bike’s battery.

The jump starters are small enough to fit in your pocket, under your seat or tucked away in your pannier.  And are powerful enough to not only jump start your bike’s engine but will bring a smartphone, most laptops or any USB device back to life.

Jump Starter Battery+ features include:

  • Three sizes: Standard, Heavy Duty and Professional models for different engine sizes in   cars, trucks, boats, ATVs, motorcycles, and more
  • Safe and simple to use – just clamp the jumper cables to the dead batteries’ terminals or connect to the Powersports Tether (for Standard and Heavy Duty models) to jump start the battery with even more convenience
  • A 12V output (Heavy Duty and Professional models) to accept new Weego accessories including 12V DC Adapter, SAE 12V DC Adapter and OBDII 12V Memory Saver for powering portable devices
  • A built-in LED flashlight for nighttime emergencies
    Durable and quality components. Built-in safety and circuitry protections in the battery pack along with a fuse and diode in the jumper cables ensure safety
  • Long-lasting performance – losing only 2 to 5 percent charge per month when stored
  • Quality assurance validated by independent labs plus, backed by a crazy long 18-month warranty

“Whether riding in town or across the country, a dead battery is going to ruin your day. Fortunately, our jump starters will get you back on the road quickly and safely: no clumsy cables, no stranger-danger, no tow, no heavy jump box, no sweat,” said Gerry Toscani, CEO of Weego. “We understand the passion of riding and how important it is to be prepared for emergencies. With the new Weego Powersports Tether attached to the bike’s battery, an hour-plus-long emergency is cut to a few, measly minutes.  And when parked at home base, the Powersports Tether doubles as a trickle charger cable to maintain the charge. It’s a complete solution. So easy.”

Weego has recently teamed up with record-setting adventure riders Simon and Lisa Thomas of 2RideTheWorld and after traveling to six continents through 78 countries in some of the most austere environments on the planet, they are strong believers in the kind of reliable power Weego brings to adventure riding.

“We all love adventure, the thrill and challenge of it. But adventure has teeth and if it bites we need to be prepared,” said Simon Thomas. “Trust me, bad luck never has good timing. Throwing your leg over your packed motorcycle only to find its battery is drained is miserable. Our small Weego units are our ‘safety net’. They’ll jump start both Lisa and my bikes without breaking a sweat and still have enough juice leftover to power up ‘all’ our video and communication gear. Now, our Weegos are as essential as our bike keys!”

Weego jump starters start at $99.99 SRP and Weego Powersports Tether is $29.99 SRP.

Weego products are sold at and at major online and brick and mortar retailers nationwide.

About Weego

Weego is a brand of portable power products including compact, lightweight, lithium-polymer jump starters for cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, ATVs and more, complementary jump starter accessories, as well as rechargeable battery packs that charge phones, tablets, speakers, and more. Founded in 2014 by Paris Corporation, Weego has already received awards in product innovation and branding excellence in consumer electronics, auto, marine and office supply channels. For more than 50 years, Paris Corporation has built a reputation on quality stationery products and excellent service and support, serving more than 30 years in the food, drug, mass, consumer electronics and hardware channels. To learn more about Paris Corporation, please visit or contact