Joey Savatgy Wins at Thunder Valley

CORONA, CA – June 6, 2016 – (Motor Sports Newswire) –   The Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki Team arrived in Lakewood, Colorado this weekend for Round 3 of the 2016 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross series. Fueled by the success of early morning practices, the team was prepared to give it their all in the proceeding motos. At the end of the day, rider Joey Savatgy found himself on the top of the box and reclaimed the red plate!

Pro-Circuit-Joey-Savatgy-Wins-at Thunder-Valley

Savatgy Reclaims the Red Plate
Joey Savatgy came to Thunder Valley ready to do whatever it takes to return to the podium. In the day’s first moto, he rode fast and smart as he made his way to the front of the line. Showing off his impressive skills, he put pressure on the leaders and would finish in 2nd. In the second moto, he maintained his leading position throughout the entire race. With his 1st place finish in Moto 2, he had won the overall and reclaimed the 250MX lead!

Pro-Circuit-Joey-Savatgy-Wins-at Thunder-Valley-2

“The weekend was great. In the first moto my start wasn’t exactly what I wanted but I was able to get my speed where I think it should be, made some passes and got out front. Once I started to pull away a little I made a mistake and went down, remounted and brought it home for second. As for Moto 2, it went exactly how I wanted. I rode smart, my KX250F was perfect and I’m really happy with the results for the day and the championship.”


Forkner Continues to Advance
The newest member of the team continues to impress week after week. To no surprise, Austin Forkner kept up with the leaders throughout the first moto. Unfortunately he was involved in an incident and he lost his Top 10 position. In the day’s second moto, he was determined to push himself and his KX250F to the front of pack. With impressive speed, he worked his away to a 4th place finish. Leaving Colorado, Austin finished the day in an overall 9th place.

“The first moto I had a good start. Unfortunately the track was really slick in one particular corner and I tucked the front. When I remounted three other riders hit me, one after the other. By the time I finally rejoined the race I was nearly last and spent the whole moto climbing my way back up and finished 17th. In the second moto I had another good start and around halfway I started to feel really good. I passed my way into fifth and continued to push forward. I gave it my all for the second half and on the last lap I made another pass crossed the line fourth and ninth overall.”


Tonus Remains in the Fight
Keeping consistent, Arnaud Tonus continued to ride steady throughout Saturday’s race. In the first moto, he was involved in an incident but refused to give up on the day. With a better start in Moto 2, he remained focused as he made his way throughout the track. At the end of the day, Arnaud Tonus found himself in an overall 13th.

“I rode a little tight in practice. In the first moto I was a able to ride better but tangled up with Forkner in the early stages of the race and unfortunately rejoined pretty far back. I did the best I could, found my rhythm towards the end and raced my way into 17th. In the second moto I had a good start, spent most of the race able to do good laps and to focus on riding my own race. I’m feeling a lot better, I’m happy with my results today and I’m looking forward to the next one.”


Cianciarulo Stays Positive
Adam Cianciarulo arrived ready to impress the crowd at Colorado. Making impressive passes and remaining steady throughout Moto 1, he crossed the checkers in 6th. Coming out of the gate in the second moto, he blasted past teammate Joey Savatgy and took the holeshot. Staying closely behind Joey he was able to hold down the second spot position throughout the race. Towards the end of the race he made a small mistake, crashed and had to retire from the race. Leaving Thunder Valley, Adam Cianciarulo finished in 14th and looks forward to High Point!

 250MX Results From Thunder Valley

  1. Joey Savatgy, Monster Energy/ Pro Circuit/ Kawasaki- 47
2. Jeremy Martin, Yamaha- 45
3. Alex Martin, Yamaha- 35
4. Zachary Osborne, Husqvarna- 33
5. Cooper Webb, Yamaha- 33
6. Martin Davalos, Husqvarna- 30
7. Jordon Smith, Honda- 25
8. Shane McElrath, KTM- 23
9. Austin Forkner, Monster Energy/ Pro Circuit/ Kawasaki- 22
10. Mitchell Harrison, Yamaha- 20
13. Arnaud Tonus, Monster Energy/ Pro Circuit/ Kawasaki- 15
14. Adam Cianciarulo, Monster Energy/ Pro Circuit/ Kawasaki- 15

250MX Overall Championship Point Standings

  1. Joey Savatgy, – Monster Energy/ Pro Circuit/ Kawasaki- 123
2. Jeremy Martin, Yamaha- 120
3. Alex Martin- Yamaha- 114
4. Cooper Webb, Yamaha- 110
5. Aaron Plessinger, Yamaha- 81
6. Austin Forkner, Monster Energy/ Pro Circuit/ Kawasaki- 80
7. Zachary Osborne, Husqvarna- 78
8. Jessy Nelson, KTM- 65
9. RJ Hampshire, Honda- 59
10. Jordon Smith, Honda- 52
11. Adam Cianciarulo, Monster Energy/ Pro Circuit/ Kawasaki- 51
17. Arnaud Tonus, Monster Energy/ Pro Circuit/ Kawasaki- 38