Available Now: Rotobox Carbon-Fiber Motorcycle Wheels Proven At 226.9 MPH

DAYTON, OH – April 28, 2016 – (Motor Sports Newswire) –  Rolling solidly to 226.9 mph on a Kawasaki Ninja H2 motorcycle ridden by Sport Rider magazine editor Kent Kunitsugu, Rotobox’s super-light, high-strength, quick-accelerating wheels proved that they’re much more than carbon-fiber eye candy.

Competing at the recent Mojave Magnum land-speed racing event in Mojave, California, Kunitsugu and the supercharged Ninja beat the H2’s previous record of 219 mph in the standing mile, sprinted another half mile and streaked across the finish line nearly 8 clicks faster.

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Brock’s Performance, the exclusive North American Rotobox distributor, is now carrying its entire line of rims for 65 popular sportbikes. America’s foremost carbon-fiber wheel experts, the Dayton, Ohio-based company has marketed, distributed, retailed and provided expert aftercare support for composite wheels it has sold since 2009.

Along with Rotobox’s one-piece, carbon-monocoque rims, this street-legal test bike, on loan from Kawasaki Motors Corp., USA, was also equipped with a Brock’s Stage 2 Performance Kit. The 100% bolt-on, 70+ horsepower package transformed this $25,000 missile into a rocketship, officially making it the world’s fastest production motorcycle.

Packing performance much deeper than their luscious clear-coat finish and weighing up to 40 percent less than their OEM counterparts, Rotobox’s highly customizable wheels will help Brock’s speak to motorcyclists who value cutting-edge technology in fully personalized designs.

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“We’ve had tremendous success running carbon-fiber wheels on everything from drag strips to the Bonneville Salt Flats, as well as supplying most of the fastest record-holding land-speed racers and teams,” says Brock’s Performance President Brock Davidson, a racer and designer who’s been building some of the finest, show-quality racebikes for three decades. “I’m proud that we helped put Rotobox’s first official 200+ mph runs in the books. This accomplishment only reinforces our decision to carry these beautiful wheels.”

Rotobox’s high-pressure Resin Transfer Molding process consistently produces these light, strong, smooth wheels. They enable nimbler handling, faster acceleration, improved suspension compliance and more effective braking by reducing unsprung mass and gyroscopic effects in cornering.

Immediately distinguishable by five wide, elliptical spokes, smooth rim surfaces and stunning billet aluminum hubs that can be customized during manufacturing by special order, these blank canvases beg for artistic personalization.

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Riders can create one-off designs with Rotobox’s palette of colors, splashy graphics, stripes and logos, all protected by a choice of matte or glossy finishes that accentuate their carbon weaving. Beautiful even in “stock” form, Rotobox wheels’ standard color scheme includes black hubs and 90-degree, red valve stems carved from aluminum billet, with red Rotobox logos.

Designed and manufactured in Slovenia’s carbon-fiber district, Rotobox wheels are DOT- and JWL-approved, having met JASO T203-85 safety standards that include lab-based tests measuring cornering, radial, torsional and impact performance.

Rotobox wheels come in concave and symmetrical designs for motorcycles with dual- or single-sided swingarms. Direct replacements for stock rims, each model-specific wheel is supplied with a cush drive, disc and sprocket carriers, spacers and a choice of Worldwide Bearings ceramic or steel wheel bearings.

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With yet another great brand in its portfolio and record in the books, Brock’s will continue its never-ending pursuit of power and style for hardcore sportbike riders and drag racers through a never-ending process of research, development and track testing.

For more information about Rotobox Wheels, to explore their custom design possibilities, find other Brock’s products or place an order, please visit BrocksPerformance.com or call 937-912-0054, then visit the company’s Facebook page, YouTube channel and Twitter postings.

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Founded in 1983 and based in Dayton, Ohio, Brock’s Performance leads the way in sportbike innovation for acceleration addicts. From titanium exhaust systems to carbon-fiber wheels, this championship-winning company designs, builds and sells more than 3500 products that make it easier and safer for street riders and racers to reach record-breaking results through a never-ending process of research, development and track testing.

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