Caught in a FunnelWeb

Malcolm Smith Racing Hard Parts Collection Has A Better Air Filter

IRVINE, CA – April 21, 2016 – (Motor Sports Newswire) –  It may not be the proverbial building of a better mousetrap, but the FunnelWeb air filter system is definitely an innovative solution to a dirty problem. Named after an Australian spider, this filter was specifically designed to catch more dirt!


“Honestly, if you don’t ride long and hard and in extreme conditions, you may not need a filter this good,” says Jason Gearld, Brand Manager for Malcolm Smith Racing Hard Parts. “It’s for those who ride in extremely dusty conditions, deep mud, pouring rain, hours on end.”


A funnel-web spider’s burrow characteristically has irregular silk trip-lines radiating from the entrance to help it trap more prey. This same principle led the Australian designer to create the unique outer pyramid shape which creates up to 100% more surface area to trap dust. This increased surface area combined with single layer, single density foam means you can ride twice as long without dirt on the filter restricting your engine’s vital air supply (and robbing the horsepower it makes).


“Rider’s in dusty conditions will benefit the most from this,” says Gearld. “For those who need it, you are getting the best air filter that you will ever need for the gnarliest of conditions!”


When we showed the gnarliest off-road rider we know the FunnelWeb filter, Malcolm Smith took a look at it and quipped, “somebody put their thinking cap on.” Based on his countless miles in Baja, he immediately wanted to know about the polyurethane seal and how well the single density filter element really works. Malcolm may not know much about mousetraps or Australian spiders, but he definitely knows what counts when riding in extreme conditions!


  • Protects against dust in long and grueling off-road riding and racing
  • Unique outer design increases overall surface area by nearly 100%
  • Single layer, single density foam prevents dust from being trapped between layers
  • Injection molded urethane seal provides a tighter, more precise fit
  • Made in Australia

“Clean your air filters before going riding On Any Sunday… or any other day,” concludes Gearld. Get more details here:

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