VROOM Network Expands

Positioning Your Business For Success

October 7, 2015 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Do you need a road map to success? How about a full-blown Global Positioning System! The VROOM Network can get your business where it needs to be. Founded and driven by industry icon Eric Anderson, the group of highly adaptable executives specializing in powersports brand navigation and value-building strategy is expanding.


Joining Anderson at VROOM are a pair of seasoned professionals with complementary brand-building skills, Partner Alan Landry and Creative Director Tony Cavaliere. Landry is an accomplished high-level brand builder and rider from the action sports/powersports arena. He offers a broad background in financial analysis and business value optimization. Cavaliere specializes in building the “visual story” a brand or business should be consistently delivering to the marketplace. Working together, the dynamic VROOM Network team is uniquely qualified to enlighten entrepreneurs on both a local and global scale to better position themselves for success.

“Whether you are a local dealer or an aftermarket manufacturer, the challenges are quite similar,” says Anderson. “You need to sell more. Without a fresh viewpoint and rapid adaptation to the new landscape of the powersports business, you could easily be swept under the carpet and soon forgotten.”

Anderson adds, “instead of ‘pushing’ product through the channel, we work on ways to better engage customers and to help ‘pull’ product through the channel more organically. It is essential to make the brand story consistent, exciting and powerfully simple.”


About VROOM Network

VROOM Network specializes in powersports start-ups, industry networking, sales training, public relations, marketing, channel management and business revitalization. Clients include both foreign and domestic manufacturers, owners of game-changing technologies, consumer-based research companies, larger dealers and those in need of building or re-building a brand.  More information is available at the new www.vroomnetwork.com website. Contact us at eric@vroomnetwork.com or call 949-874-2645. “Confessions of a Customer(tm)” is a trademark of Eric Anderson’s VROOM Network and can only be used with permission.