Powersports Support has Enhanced the Most Robust Listing Tool for Powersports Dealers & Online Sellers on eBay

New program at Powersports Support offers Zero insertion fees, free Anchor Store, and account support at eBay.

SANTA ANA, CA – July 07, 2015 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Powersports Support has launched the most robust listing tool for Powersports sellers on eBay. By becoming a direct integration partner with eBay Motors, Powersports Support can now offer more benefits for their sellers. The PSS VIP program will include all the same features that Powersports Support has always offered along with zero eBay insertion fees, anchor store subscription fee waived, and enhanced eBay support.

Powersports Support has been providing catalog data in the Powersports industry for years. The listing tool allows sellers to create listings effortlessly with PSS provided images and descriptions. In order to accurately maintain a large number of listings across multiple marketplaces, PSS provides daily inventory and price updates for both your shelf inventory as well as inventory across the distribution network. Utilize the PSS inventory rules to avoid overselling products as well as leverage drop shipments to ensure timely delivery of products.

In order to meet the high standards for eBay Top Rated Sellers Powersports Support has been working closely with sellers to develop the most complete set of functions to offer the best selling experience. Together with catalog data, including ePID compatibility, and daily inventory and price updates our sellers can focus on creating listings instead of maintaining existing listings. “Lifting this burden off of our sellers back has really increased sales as well as minimized customer service related problems pertaining to listings,” Adam Nichols, Product Specialist, Powersports Support.

The Powersports Support listing tool was developed to help retailers maintain a large volume of listings with a set of user friendly rules, templates and automation. Powersports Support was developed by retailers in the Powersports industry to specifically target the shortcomings of other tools for the unique needs of Powersports retailers. Powersports Support sellers have access to over 550,000 product SKUs that are ready to sell across multiple marketplaces.