Yamaha and Creative Business Decisions Partner in a Finance Company Startup

PRINCETON, NJ – May 05, 2015 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Creative Business Decisions (CBD) has partnered with Yamaha Motor Finance Corp., USA, in starting a finance company for Yamaha Motor Corp. The company’s initial focus will be on first-time buyers, those with limited credit history, and those that are re-establishing their credit.

Yamaha Motor Finance began operations with a small group of dealers this month and will continue rolling out to other states in US. To Quote Yamaha’s Chief Risk and Strategy Manager, Vijay Patil, “one of the major challenges for setting up the non-prime captive operation with no historical data was ‘how to build scorecard and credit policy’ for a non-prime power sport customers, but with the help of CBD, we were able to come up with a creative solution to address our needs and develop a credit framework in a mere 6-8 weeks.”

CBD was Yamaha’s choice because of their reputation and achievements in the credit risk management business. Having developed over 400 products and serviced over 100 clients over the past 30 years, CBD has been a go-to choice for sub-prime and prime lenders in many verticals, like, Automobiles, Retailing, Consumer lending, Telecommunications, etc.

To quote Pat Nanda, CEO of CBD, “CBD was able to address issues pertaining to ‘very little data’ and create models, screens and rules that helped Yamaha Motor Finance to gain confidence in their new venture of targeting applicants with ‘marginal’ credit. A comprehensive software was provided that not only computed the score, but also generated automatic decline and review rules, price of the deal, decline reason codes, and parameters within which alternative deal structures could be offered.”

About Yamaha Motor Finance Corp., USA

Yamaha Motor Finance Corporation, USA, (YMFUS) was created by Yamaha Motor Corp., USA, (YMUS) to provide a new captive financing solution to underserved non-prime motorsports consumers. YMFUS will operate throughout YMUS’s nationwide network of dealers by early 2016 financing Yamaha products and supporting Yamaha buyers.

About CBD

CBD develops statistical models with applications in the areas of new account evaluation, tracking the paying/charging behavior of existing accounts, prioritization of collection activities for seriously delinquent accounts, and solicitation models to better target marketing activities. These models are developed using information from a credit bureau report and from information obtained from the demographic data of applicants. The models are then deployed in a software that is either hosted as a web service or provided to any Loan Origination Software. With these CBD services, their clients have consistently grown their portfolios and their ROI in a short span of time.

Creative Business Decisions – 12 Roszel Rd. Ste B-200, Princeton NJ, 08540 – Ph: 609-452-9551 – http://www.cbdcredit.com