TireJect uses Kevlar to put an end to flat tires

Re-invented Tire Sealant to Fix and Prevent Flats

HORSEHEADS, NY – May 5, 2015 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – TireJect, high performance tire repair, has re-invented tire sealant that is guaranteed to fix flat tires. TireJect utilizes the power of Kevlar® to formulate a tire sealant that is the most effective flat tire repair and flat tire prevention product on the market.

TireJect can permanently repair or prevent flat tires in any off-road tubeless tire; ATV, UTV, golf cart, utility trailer, lawn & garden and large tractors. TireJect has a tire sealant kit available in 8oz, 16oz, 32oz, and gallon sizes. Only 8 ounces are needed per ATV tire which is 75% less than all competing tire sealants. The 8oz kit starts at only $18.95 and all kits include an easy to use, re-usable sealant injector used to applicate the sealant into the tire through its valve stem – this makes for easy application which is done in minutes. Brandon comments about competing tire sealants and said, “…now that we have launched the product and attended tradeshows our greatest battle has been changing consumers perception of tire sealant, there are so many bad products out there that do not work and we are re-educating the market because TireJect simply works.”


The owners of TireJect are father and son – Philip and Brandon Ragan. When asked how TireJect entered the tire sealant market with their innovative products, Philip comments “…TireJect tire sealant was born out of necessity… we entered the market with our patented tire sealant injector and then quickly realized just how ineffective tire sealants were… and we decided to change that.”

TireJect entered the market offering a superior method of tire sealant application into any tire with our Patented Sealant Injector in 2008. Our new product uncovered the truth about the world of ineffective tire sealants currently on the market. Not only do most all competing tire sealants not work effectively, they have also tarnished the reputation of what tire sealant products were meant to do, seal air leaks. That is exactly what TireJect set out to accomplish on our mission.

You can learn more and purchase online at www.tireject.com or visit us on facebook.com/tireject

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