Industry Game Changers: Dealership Performance CRM Offers Smart Lead Push

TUALATIN, OR – April 27, 2015 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – The second outstanding feature in this series of Industry Game Changers that Dealership Performance CRM offers is its Smart Lead Push®. While other CRM companies may have similar tools, Dealership Performance CRM is the only one with full ability to push leads in real time to multiple store locations and to any salesperson’s mobile device. Without this ability, dealerships are more likely to lose sales that could have been saved with backup from a more experienced sales team member or at a store with different units in stock. Dealerships even risk the possibility of undercutting their own sale without the knowledge of that lead’s history at other associated locations.

This is an innovative solution for all dealerships, including those multi-store dealership groups, with strengths and weaknesses as well as different varieties of inventory at each. After a lead comes through from a web provider such as Dealer Spike, all information and details associated with that lead are entered into the CRM application. This lead can then be pushed in real time to any staff member at any store location, even on a mobile device after hours. It can be transferred internally to the sales staff member most accustomed to Dealer Spike queries, for example, or the store location with the most competitive pricing. When the leads are pushed, all information including unit details are allocated to the transferee as well. This sharing of information protects dealerships from losing sales due to preventable price-shopping or simply the wrong match-up for the salesperson or dealership location.

Every sale counts and every dealership manager wants to protect their bottom line. The capability to push leads in real time to the best salesperson and the best location, or to multiple if needed, is the only way to ensure that all bases are covered. In order to protect every potential sale, Dealership Performance CRM’s Smart Lead Push® is the best option and the only real option.

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