Bouncing Off the Redline of Adrenaline Addiction

Biker known as Axe breaks record for fastest cross-country motorcycle ride, writes book

SAN ANTONIO, TX – April 27, 2015 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – For Axe, going to a nine-to-five job and playing by the rules just wasn’t enough to feel fulfilled in life. Driving across the country on a motorcycle? That was more his speed.

“I’d seen stories of these people that cross the country in a car with spotter planes and teams to allow driver switching,” Axe said. “I wanted to do something a little more my style, so I did it on a motorcycle by myself out in the elements with just me and the machine for the ultimate adrenaline rush.”

Bouncing Off the Redline of Adrenaline Addiction

On April 12, 2014, Axe set off on the ride of his life and ultimately set the record for the fastest cross-country motorcycle ride at just 33 hours and ten minutes.

“I’m an addict,” Axe said. “It started with whiskey and girls when I was younger, and over time it evolved into adrenaline addiction. Instead of running from death, I decided to chase it at full speed for the high. Addicts never recover; they just trade one craving for another.”

In Axe’s new book, “No Limits No Regrets: Bouncing Off the Redline of Adrenaline Addiction,” he details the real time struggles he endured as he rode his modified BMW S1000RR motorcycle from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic, and the incredible feeling at the end.

“Success is a function of desire,” Axe said. “If you want something badly enough, you can do almost anything. We live in a very risk adverse society, but this is a story about taking risks and being accountable for the outcome of those risks.”

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No Limits No Regrets: Bouncing Off the Redline of Adrenaline Addiction
By: Axe
ISBN: 978-1-50432771-8 (sc), 978-1-5043-2773-2 (hc), 978-1-50432-772-5 (e-book)
Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Balboa Press online bookstores.

About the author

Axe has spent more than half his life riding and building motorcycles. His lifestyle has made him an unfortunate expert in self-destructive addictions, including his current unquenchable thirst for adrenaline. Axe earned his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Iowa State University and currently lives in San Antonio, Texas, with his dog, Baron, and his record-breaking BMW S1000RR. “No Limits No Regrets” is his second published book. His first, “Bouncing off Guardrails: Somewhere in Life Between Victorious Triumph and Horrific Annihilation,” was published in 2012.