Washdrops Celebrates Earth Day With “Ripple Effect” Water-Conserving Giveaway

New infographic from Washdrops, the “smart car wash solution,” illustrates how seemingly small acts of water conservation have a significant and positive impact on the environment.

SOLON, OH – April 08, 2015 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Cequent Consumer Products and Washdrops® are celebrating the 45th anniversary of Earth Day by promoting water conservation “one bucket at a time.” Taking to heart Earth Day’s global 2015 theme, “It’s Our Turn to Lead,” Washdrops launched the “Ripple Effect Giveaway.”

Each winner will receive Washdrops as well as two convenient, reusable spray bottles. Winners will be encouraged to keep one bottle and to share the other with a friend or family member. This Earth Day awareness campaign is designed to demonstrate the power of the “ripple effect” by showing how seemingly small acts, taken cumultatively, can have a profound significance on our environment.

To illustrate their belief that “A Drop in the Bucket Makes a World of Difference,” Washdrops developed an infographic, which highlights the positive impact of simple water conservation efforts around the house.

On average, consumers use more than 80 gallons of water to wash a car, with runoff flowing through storm drains and polluting nearby lakes, rivers or reservoirs with contaminants. In contrast, vehicle-washing with Washdrops requires just one bucket of water – and no rinsing.

“If someone shared Washdrops with just two others, approximately 237 gallons of water would be saved when each washes a vehicle one time. If thousands of consumers do that, then a simple act of washing a car can have an enormously positive impact on the environment,” Marie T. Ball, Brand Director of Washdrops, said.

“Only when we begin to see how vital it is to reduce waste, eliminate harmful chemicals, recycle, and support sustainability initiatives will a ‘ripple effect’ occur. Then, hopefully, individuals worldwide will recognize that they really do have the ability to make a real difference,” Ball added.

Another major benefit of Washdrops is that owners of all kinds of vehicles no longer need to buy multiple products to wax or polish a vehicle’s surface or to clean bumpers, rims, hubcaps, lights, windows or mirrors. Instead, Washdrops works on surfaces of all kinds of vehicles, including boats – and on steel, glass, chrome, aluminum or rubber inside or outside a home or apartment.

An innovator and leader in its field, Washdrops is a non-toxic solution that will not harm plants or the environment as it is biodegradable, non-foaming, solvent-free, butyl-free, phosphate-free, and ammonia-free. It is so environmentally friendly that after use, the remaining water may be poured on flowerbeds, grass or down a drain. At about 70 cents per wash, Washdrops also costs substantially less than a commercial car wash.

For more information on Washdrops, please visit: Washdrops.com.

About Washdrops

Made in the USA, Washdrops is convenient, economical and easy to use. Known as “the smart car wash solution,” Washdrops is biodegradable, non-foaming, and solvent-free. Washdrops® is available in 16-ounce (16 washes), 32-ounce (32 washes) or one gallon (up to 128 washes) sizes and is available on Washdrops.com and on Amazon.

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