Viking Bags Introduces New & Improved Hard Saddlebag Designs for 2015

WALNUT, CA – April 2, 2015 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Motorcycle Luggage experts, Viking Bags, have updated their saddlebag designs and created whole new designs for 2015. The most popular bags got a face lift and were improved in several key areas after hearing customer feedback, and the new designs were created in order to cater to all the latest new bikes and a few older models as well.

The saddlebags have been improved in the following areas, “We now have a much stronger locking mechanism, we’ve added different finishes to our saddlebags, we’re using stronger construction materials overall, we’re improved our stitching methods, added weather-proofing seals to keep the elements out of your saddlebags, included liners inside the saddlebags and added much improved hinges as well,” said Ramiro Hernandez, Marketing Manager at Viking Bags.

In addition, “Viking Bags already has over 200 saddlebag combinations that will fit most cruisers out there,” said Ramiro. “There were a few key things that customers wanted to include in our bags but we didn’t offer at the time, we’ve taken all of that into consideration and updated some of our best sellers along with a whole new line of hard saddlebags. We’re really excited for this upcoming riding season,” he added. Moreover, Ramiro adds, “These updates have started with the hard saddlebags but have also trickled down to all of our saddlebag lines as well.”

One of the updated saddlebags was their ever popular Lamellar Series hard saddlebags. Having such a hard time even keeping them on the shelves, the Lamellar is by far their best seller, and there’s a reason to that. Not only does Viking Bags offer hard saddlebags at a fraction of the price, but they include the mounting hardware, something that your local factory dealers offer at an additional cost. Furthermore, the Lamellar Series offers a hard shell that will not sag or wear down over time. In addition, Viking Bags is proud to say that these are key-lockable so they provide the peace of mind that any rider needs when leaving their bike unattended.

Ramiro says, “Hard motorcycle saddlebags are certainly not a new thing but we’ve found a way to improve on them from every angle. We know what riders need, because we ride too, our bikes have our products because we believe in what we do.”

Viking Bags’ line of hard saddlebags has a very reasonable price range. Bags range from $249-$400+ depending on what you’re looking for. You can find out more by visiting Viking Bags’ website.

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Viking Bags is located in Los Angeles, California. Viking motorcycle saddlebags are made of viking quality leather. The motorcycle saddlebags produced at our company have been designed to last longer and look better.

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