Turismo Veloce 800: The First out will be the “Edition1”

Side panniers, heated hand grips, centre stand, Garmin Zumo 390 and nav kit as standard on the inaugural Edition1 version of the Turismo Veloce 800.

Available all over the European market from April. Reserve yours now.

March 9, 2015 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Touring on MV Agusta motorcycles is not only fast and but also a great deal, especially for those who can get their hands on one of the firstof these long-awaited three-cylinder inaugural Edition1 units, built for die hard travellers and lovers of elite bikes.

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Indeed, starting today you can pre-order one of these long-awaited MV Agusta Turismo Veloce 800s with factory equipment and accessories that will make any serious biker giddy: 30 litre side panniers, heated hand grips, centre stand, Garmin Zumo 390 and nav kit.

For the more demanding and enthusiastic aficionados, the Edition1 Turismo Veloce has a symbolic value that increases its value as a collector’s item: a metal plate bearing the manufacturing serial number and Claudio Castiglioni’s signature. Actually, this is the legendary genius Claudio’s latest and last creation before his passing.

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This sumptuously equipped Edition1 will be available beginning next month in the classic red/silver colour scheme or silver/aviation grey at a price (in Italy) of: 16.690 € ($18,127 U.S.D.)

Once this special series has sold out, the range will be available in two versions, one with manually fully adjustable suspension called the “Lusso”, which has MVCSC stability control and electronically managed semi-active suspension.

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With the Turismo Veloce 800 MV Agusta has developed a “Touring” concept that goes against the mainstream and privileges the pleasure of riding a classy, agile, lightweight and quick bike: highly unusual features in this fiercely competitive segment.

In fact, unlike the competition, the power of the three-cylinder engine from Schiranna has been limited to 110 hp, whereas the bike’s total weight has been contained to 190 kg (dry weight).

150309 MV Agusta-tv-800-e1-anteriore4

In so doing, this motorcycle has achieved an extremely agile and intuitive dynamic, capable of meeting the needs of a wide range of users in a bike with typically finely crafted MV Agusta design.

The personality of the Turismo Veloce also comes through in its much more robust mid range power curve (+15% torque) matched by the Schiranna triple’s power output characteristics, which, in this configuration, reduces average fuel consumption by about 20%.

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In two years of testing and more than 100,000 km on the road, much of the work done by the R&D department was directed toward finding maximum riding comfort. From aerodynamic protection to the riding position, from the seat padding to the hydraulic anti-slip clutch system, from the shape of the handlebar to the hand guards, each and every detail was conceived, developed and tested to meet the needs of die-hard bikers.

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Its light weight and compact footprint do not mean any sacrifice in terms of equipment: full LED lights, instrument cluster with a large 5” TFT colour display with Bluetooth and adjustable wind screen are all standard. The “electronics package” is particularly advanced: traction-control, EAS 2.0 electronic gearbox and four engine maps: Touring and Rain at 90 hp maximum power, Sport with 110 hp, and Custom so you can personalise the torque curve, limiter, throttle responsiveness and engine braking.

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Another curiosity worth mentioning is the WEB 2.0 application, which allows you to share your GPS routes and the Turismo Veloce data with other owners of the new MV Agusta flagship through a special App.