Bull-it Redefines Category with Launch of its 2015 Technical Jean Range

Setting The Standard 

SWANWICK, HAMPSHIRE, UK – March 6, 2015 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Bull-it, the technical jean specialist, has reclassified its product range as part of the launch of its 2015 collection.  The move is designed to help consumers better understand what level of protection they can expect from different Bull-it products and to highlight the difference between products made using Covec™ fabric technology and those of its nearest competitors, Kevlar and Leather.

The new naming system uses a simple-to-follow ‘Slide Rating’ or ‘SR’ scale.  This indicates the minimum amount of time, based on testing, that a rider can expect to slide in safety without the product’s protection being compromised.  Products in the SR4 range have a Slide Rating of at least 4 seconds and those in the SR6 have a Slide Rating of at least 6 seconds.  At the top of the range there is the VoloCE™, so called in recognition of the fact that this was the very first denim product to achieve a CE level 2 Approval with SR7 performance.


“The technical jeans market has become quite confusing for consumers and we want to help them make informed decisions.  Consumers have become accustomed with the name Kevlar, but Covec™, which we use in Bull-it Jeans, outperforms Kevlar in every test.  The SR naming scheme is a simple way to show them exactly what they can expect from our products and help them to buy the right Bull-it product,” explains Keith Bloxsome CEO of Bull-It Jeans.

The protection in all Bull-it jeans comes from the liner made from Covec™.  This fabric has been engineered to deliver superior impact abrasion and cut resistance.  Thanks to its unique formula, the fabric does not degrade over time through use or exposure, which means that bikers can rely on the safety and performance of Covec™ for the lifetime of their Bull-It product.  A fact that its competitors cannot boast.

The new naming structure also comes with new branding and advertising to help consumers identify which products are which. SR4 will appear in blue and SR6 in red.


Launched in 2010, Bull-it jeans was the brain child of former speedway rider Keith Bloxsome and his wife Lisa.  Having been disappointed by the performance of existing products on the market, they set out to design technical denim products that combined style and comfort, but most importantly offered better durable protection for bikers in the event of an accident.  With superior impact abrasion and cut resistance, The Covec™ yarn was the perfect solution and is still used in all of Bull-its garments.

The 2015 range has three categories SR4, SR6 and VoloCE™ each offering different levels of protection.  The new naming scheme is based on a ‘Slide Rating’ or ‘SR’ scale indicating the minimum amount of time that a rider can expect to slide in safety without the product’s protection being compromised.  VoloCE™ has an SR rating of almost 8 seconds and was the first product to achieve a CE level two rating.


Founded in 2011, Covec Limited is a technical textiles company delivering multiple solutions for garment manufacturers across the globe.  Its patented Covec™ yarn is already being used in partnership with several brands to produce evergreen, high performance, protective garments.

Currently seen predominantly in the motorcycling industry, products employing Covec™ fabrics out perform its competitors.  They are renowned for their impact abrasion and cut resistance, low thermal conductivity, and high melting points, which thanks to the construction of the fabric are not degraded with time, use or exposure to UV or moisture.

Paul Gomez
Bull Tech USA
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