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HANOVER, GERMANY – January 16, 2015 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Out and about in the wind and weather: Anyone who doesn’t want to go without their scooter or moped through the colder time of the year needs the right scooter or moped tyres, as well as warm clothes and good antifreeze. Many motorised two wheel users also particularly value tyres which have an M&S classification and don’t leave a hole in your wallet. That’s particularly true when the tyre doesn’t have to be changed in spring. These days there are a number of manufacturers: Winter proof year round tyres are the trending subject in the scooter sector.

  • Winter tough: 52% of Europe’s bikers ride on cold days too
  • Delticom: Scooter tyres for all (snowy) weather

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Winter tough: 52% of Europe’s bikers ride on cold days too. Foto: Delticom AG/Pnebo, Hannover

Winter tyre regulations – clarified for bikers?

What do you have to think about regarding motorcycling in the winter, particularly when it comes to tyres? Here’s what Andreas Faulstich, two wheel expert at says: Legislation in Germany states that a car can only be driven on snow, frost, melted snow or even black ice with tyres with a rolling surface profile, mix or construction which is designed for these wintery road conditions.“ Any contravention of this Paragraph 2 of the Road Traffic Act can become very expensive, very quickly.

If an accident is caused with the wrong motorbike tyres, the motorcyclist can expect legal action and subsequent insurance issues. The view from the German Department of Transport is that single axle vehicles are equally affected by these winter tyre regulations as cars are. “While there is no unambiguous regulation for scooters and motorbikes, motorcyclists will also ride better on winter tyres outside the summer“ according to Faulstich, “But we also recommend riding no faster the 30km/h on snow and ice covered roads, even with winter tyres, and where necessary, leave your feet on the ground – so that you can you can get into a standing position quickly, when you do have to drive under these conditions.

Safety is always the priority.“

Biker Summer Questionnaire: Just how winter tough are Europe’s motorbike fans?

As part of the “Biker Summer 2014“ campaign, Delticom’s two wheel online shop asked almost 2,000 participants from eight countries questions including “Year round biker, or fair weather rider?“. On average across the countries, 52% of those surveyed stated that they were out and about on their motorbike all year round. 48% restricted their two wheeled hobby to the warmer biking season.

Year round or Fair Weather Biker? International Comparison:

  1. Spain: 85% of bikers ride their bike all year round – thanks to warmer average temperatures.
  2. France: Here, 70% of bikers are on the road on two wheels, regardless of the season.
  3. Germany: 44% of bikers also ride out in winter, 56% only get on their bike during the season.
  4. Austria: The highest proportion of seasonal bikers can be found here in Austria with 89%. Definitely down to the regional conditions: Only 11% ride in winter here.

Scooter tyres for all (snowy) weather

In the store category “Motorrad Winterreifen“ , offer a wide range of M&S coded all year and winter tyres for mopeds and scooters in all common sizes and to suit every pocket. Many don’t have to be changed even in summer, thanks to high mileage performance. You will find tyres suitable for winter from renowned manufacturers such as Metzeler, Michelin or Continental and brand such as Anlas or Heidenau:

*The campaign “Biker Summer 2014“ was carried out in July / August in the Delticom AG motorbike tyre shops in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom.