SpeedMob Introduces 2015 Airoh Aviator 2.1 Helmets

RICHMOND, CA – October 28, 2014 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – SpeedMob is proud to introduce the 2015 lineup of Airoh Aviator 2.1 off-road helmets. After a successful first year in the North American market and on the racetrack, SpeedMob readies for an even stronger year for Airoh helmets in 2015.

141028 SpeedMob 55 Airoh World Titles

On the heals of a MX1 World Championship from Antonio Cairoli and Jason Anderson’s 2014 250SX West Supercross title, Airoh is busily finalizing its riders for 2015 and a run at both the MX1 and the AMA 450SX Supercross titles.

For 2015, there are four rollover designs and ten brand new graphics being offered in North America. This year’s lineup includes a “222” Antonio Cairoli replica, a stunning new Van Horebeek replica design and the Valor design available in two color schemes. Also new is the ARROW helmet design available in three color offerings; Yellow, Orange and White. The Six Days helmet returns with a limited edition numbered badge, sporting the colors of Argentina this year. The Linear Bicolor returns with new color combinations. The final design is the brand new Clash helmet with a bright mixture of orange, yellow, black and white. Returning are the Black Matte, Pearl Gloss, Rockstar and the Carbon.


As more and more American riders familiarize themselves with the Airoh brand, it becomes quickly evident why so many riders are choosing the Airoh Aviator 2.1. The obvious points are the lightweight and exceptional styling, but it is the safety and the engineering that is leaving the lasting impression.

The first feature pro riders comment on is the exceptionally low weight of this helmet, as many riders equate “heft” to safety. The proprietary multi-strand Carbon Kevlar weave and engineered EPS liner ensures this helmet both maintains integrity and disperses energy from all angles with engineered points designed to fracture and absorb impact in worse case scenarios, much like modern cars have designed crumple zones to protect their passengers.

The second feature riders notice is the incredible balance and immense airflow this helmet allows. After a long, hard day on the track or on the trails, these properties really earn the respect of those riders lucky enough to wear these helmets. With an incredible five ventilation intake ports, this helmet noticeably flows air. Add two massive top exit ports along with a modular rear exit diffuser that draws the air out, you can ride in relative comfort even in intense heat and humidity.

Because the Aviator comes as a very complete package, all helmets come with top vent “rain” covers, an extended peak visor, a GoPro mount and even a lanyard with helmet tool included in every box. Safety, rider comfort and helmet functionality top the list of items the Airoh engineering team constantly strive to improve on for our customers. With 17 years under Airoh’s belt and 55 World Titles there is a reason why champions choose Airoh Aviator helmets.

141028 Speedmob Airoh helmets


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Locatelli S.p.A. was founded in 1986 in the lively heart of Bergamo Valley near Milan, Italy. The company began as a contractor for many of the established helmet brands in the market. In 1997 they applied their expertise & technical skills to launch the Airoh Helmets into the global market. From that moment forward the company has only created its own collections with the Airoh trademark. Research, development, technology and innovation are the cornerstones of the Airoh success. In little more than 15 years, Airoh has become one of the leading motorcycle sport helmet manufacturers in the world. Today, riders in more than fifty-five countries spanning the European, Asian and American continents wear Airoh products. Airoh helmets are intimately designed and built down to the smallest detail and they are instantly recognizable by their unique design and superior features; in particular, their guaranteed high level of safety, quality, comfort-fit and their eye-catching graphics and appearance. Riders and technicians work hand-in-hand and data collected from racetracks from around the world is interpreted, developed and processed to produce the best helmet possible. Thanks to the technology and experience of champions, Airoh is constantly breaking new ground to satisfy motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere. Airoh riders have more than 55 world titles in the last 17 years, world titles that make us proud of this winning combination of racing and engineering. Locatelli S.p.A. is expanding its own product range by offering products beyond just motorcycle helmets. The new street and mountain bike helmets mark an important step in the company’s history, as we seek new challenges with a great sense of innovation, style and engineering to meet these markets’ needs. Airoh – one brand, one passion!

Airoh helmets will be the official sponsor of the Six Days of Enduro, that will be held in Argentina from November 3rd to November 8th, 2014. After the great success with last year’s Six Days helmet Airoh is proud to announce the new 2015 Six Day Helmet graphic – a tribute to Argentina.

“Our Six Days helmet embraces the passion and excitement of this race,” says Mr.Locatelli, owner of Airoh Helmets. “Enduro racing creates passion and our company is proud to have an opportunity to be a part of this project .”

The Aviator 2.1 Six Days has a limited edition sequentially numbered plate. This is produced in agreement with the FIM, which allows Airoh to also use the official logo that appears on the back of the helmet. You can pre-order your limited edition helmet now from SpeedMob directly or at your local dealer.