New Polaris eBikes Featuring Gear Speed Technology

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INTERBIKE 2014, LAS VEGAS, NV – September 11, 2014 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Polaris®eBikes design innovations and revolutionary technology from EVantage USA, Inc. will be unveiled at Interbike 2014, Booths 5011(indoor) and D2064(outdoor).

Adam Rand, EVantage USA, Inc. president, says, “These new models will change the industry’s expectation of electric bikes. We’ve engineered our products to move at the speed of your intentions.”

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EVantage USA, Inc. develops and produces the power components for Polaris®eBikes. The company’s proprietary computer-processor based Gear Speed Technology™ revolutionizes the dynamics of power-assisted cycling with intuitive responsiveness to the controls of a bicycle like never before.

“It’s been the most talked-about feature of our new line-up,” said Mr. Rand, following a highly successful introduction of EVantage’s Polaris®eBikes at just-concluded
Eurobike 2014.

“Each biking gear is programmed to provide the appropriate torque or acceleration based on the terrain and riding style, meant to go where the road ends and the adventure begins,” he explained.

140911 eBike

Equipped with the new technology of Perpetual Arc Regeneration™ the rider generates power to the battery while pedaling via four different methods: on flat or downhill terrain to capture up to 100 watts of charging power; backpedaling brake assist, gradually slowing the bike down and capturing residual energy for regeneration; using the electronically controlled hydraulic disc brakes; or pedaling above 21 or 29 mph, depending on the model. .

Active Trail Technology™ automatically delivers whisper quiet power when needed for acceleration up hills, and adjusts back to Regeneration on flat or downhill.

The Polaris®eBikes line-up includes commuter, mountain and fat-tire models. “Our new 750w MY2015 system quickly powers speeds of up to 28 mph, providing a range of up to 50 miles per charge without engaging the regeneration features,” he concluded.

About EVantage USA, Inc.

EVantage develops electric vehicle technology. Facilities are in Salem, MA, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Stuttgart, Germany and Hong King, PRC. The company designs motor system using proprietary technology setting the standard for a new class in electric vehicles. EVantage specializes in engineering, design, manufacturing and software development of the complete motor system. Please visit