Bryce Menzies Takes Rigid Industries LED Lighting to Baja 500 Victory

PHOENIX, AZ – June 10, 2014 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Rigid Industries LED Lighting Torture Team member Bryce Menzies of Menzies Motorsports finished first overall with his Ford F-150 Trophy Truck at the 46th Annual Tecate SCORE Baja 500. It was his 3rd Baja 500 victory in the last four years. Bryce capitalized on his second place qualifying position to stay in the lead pack all day. He began the race with a conservative pace running south along the Pacific coast with an average of 50.56 miles per hour.


Turning east, Bryce kept the pressure on during the second third of the course as it traversed deep uphill silt beds and narrow rocky trails up and over the mountains. After the cool coastal temperatures and the steep mountain climbs faded into the rear view mirror, he put the hammer down to the finish with a comfortable lead over second place Jason Voss. “Bryce got the jump on me after one of our pit stops and I just couldn’t catch him after that, said Voss.”


Bryce’s Rigid Industries LED lighting was not the only thing leading Bryce and co-driver Pete Mortensen to the victory. Their hood was emblazoned with a photo of Tyler Stevenson who had recently passed away. Tyler, a racer himself, was a huge inspiration to everyone he met. He battled with Spina Bifida during his short time with us but never allowed it to slow him down. Tyler was riding with Bryce and Pete and never allowed them to slow down either.

“We knew it was going to get hot when we got to San Felipe and it got really hot,” said Bryce, “It was probably over 100 degrees down there but the weather was perfect and the wind was moving just enough that we could run up on guys and pass them. I think the reason I like the SCORE Baja 500 so much is because it is an endurance race but it is also a sprint race. You have the longevity but you’ve got to go fast as well. You get every type of terrain. You get roads, mountains, silt, rocks and that’s what draws me to the 500. You go from the coast all the way over to the mountain and back.”

Rigid Industries Torture Team member BJ Baldwin overcame electrical problems to finish 4th overall and Torture Team member Jonathan Brenthel of Brenthel Industries took the top spot in the highly competitive Spec TT class, (6100).


He used a strategy similar to Bryce; running steady until the time was right to open it up. In order to push hard after miles of punishing Baja terrain, it takes confidence in your equipment. That’s why the fastest racers rely on Rigid Industries LED lighting. The toughest conditions on Earth are no match for the superior lighting performance Rigid Industries provides. When you demand the best in optical technology and rugged durability there is nothing that compares to Rigid Industries LED lighting. For more information on all their technically advanced lighting products go to

Photography By: Bink Designs

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