Nihilo Concepts Names New Sponsorship Director

Donald Soley Named as Nihilo Concepts Sponsorship Director

STUART, FL – January 14, 2014 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Nihilo Concepts is proud to announce that Donald Solley has joined the team and will be heading our Rider Support program for 2014 and beyond. Donald has an extensive motocross background, both as a professional racer and trainer, which gives him a unique perspective when it comes to managing a rider support program. Starting in 2014, our Rider Support program will be titled the TRIBE. It will bring with it new opportunities for both, Nihilo as an innovative aftermarket company and for our sponsored riders. As you know motocross is demanding on both rider and machine. In nihilo-Donald-Solleyorder for Nihilo to develop the best products for the grueling sport of motocross we need countless hours of real world testing and development. One new thing Donald will be doing is enlisting select members of the TRIBE to work with us testing and reporting back critical information that will be used to improve the production of the best products in the industry.

Now lets hear from Donald:
“I would like to say that I’m probably more excited than anyone about this new opportunity and the awesome program we will be building this year, the Nihilo TRIBE. As a racer myself, I know how hard it is to find quality sponsors especially companies that are involved in the sport and avid racers themselves. So many companies are just “Here’s some stuff good luck.” My vision for the TRIBE involves being a part of every racers program on a regular basis, both on and off the track. Allow me to tell you a little bit about myself, I grew up in Florida surrounded by motocross and started racing at the age of 4. I raced locally coming up through the ranks and did pretty well. Like many racers I experienced my fare share of injuries that kept me off the bike for a while. That’s probably the reason I became so interested in physical fitness and training. I took classes to become a certified personal trainer and nutritionist giving me a little more insight on how to make myself stronger on the bike. I’ve won numerous championships around the southeast, along with multiple wins at area and regional qualifiers for Loretta Lynn’s. In 2010, I won the 250 Pro Sport class at the Daytona Amateur Supercross. This past year in 2013 I raced Atlanta SX, Muddy Creek, and Budds Creek pro nationals.


In 2007, after racing the Pro Sport class at Loretta Lynn’s I started DSMX (Donald Solley Motocross Schools), and I’ve been training racers ever since. I have had the pleasure of working with very talented riders helping them win numerous National Titles. Some of my students include, Jordan Bailey, Derek Johnson, Tristan Lane, Bryce maudlin, Aspen Boothby and many more. I still enjoy training riders of all levels and have plans to put on special training camps for Nihilo Tribe riders throughout the country in order to give them the upper hand against the competition. Everyone at Nihilo Concepts wants to set a new standard in the motocross industry for support programs not just providing riders with the best products available but also by providing them with valuable information that will help them on the track and the podium. We are developing a special training program designed to teach racers how to present themselves in front of the fans and potential sponsors, we feel presenting themselves in a professional manner off the bike is almost as important as going fast on the bike. This kind of training will benefit the rider throughout their riding career as well as in the business world later in life. Tribe riders will be required to maintain their grades in school, Honor Roll students will receive special rewards and riders that cannot maintain their grades will not be eligible to be on the Tribe. As you can see we have a lot of new, exciting ideas for the Tribe. I look forward to speaking with you and getting to know each and every on of you better in 2014.

I can be reached at:
Donald Solley
Nihilo Concepts Rider Support
(772) 426-3000

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