Viking Power Now Available to Stop 2014 Honda Fireblade

SBS Brakes ready with upgrade pads for new Honda CBR 1000RR SP.

December 27, 2013 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – The Vikings of Scandinavian based high-performance brake pad manufacturer SBS is ready with race-spec brake pads for the all-time legendary Fireblade just released at the EICMA show in Milan this November. Among one of the upgrades for 2014 CBR1000 is a new and improved front brake system from Brembo, which provides state-of-the-art stopping power to match the power inferno developed by the 1-liter monster engine.


However SBS Brakes have developed three different race spec brake pads for the Fireblade’s new Brembo system, giving you the upgrade needed on the tracks.

  • RS Racing Sintered.
    The true Track Day Brake Pad. It was developed in WSBK and takes over where the OE/street pads give up. Usable both on street and track day riding.
  • DC Dual Carbon.
    The famous Dual Carbon Compound! Born on the fastest tracks in the world and still providing championship-winning stopping power to racers in WSBK, WSS, AMA, CCS and many, many other race series around the world. The DC is only for track use and works best on shorter tracks with higher temperatures in the brakes.
  • DS Dual Sintered.
    Isle of Mann TT… Need we say more? Honda and Michael Dunlop was the perfect team for the 2013 TT with Michael Dunlop winning 4 out 5 races. He insists on SBS DS because of the stopping power, the feel and the longevity that comes standard with them. The DS compound was developed for endurance racing, tested at Lemans 24Hours and probably the strongest, most power full and longest lasting brake pad available today. Just like the DC, the DS is for track-use only.

For your new Fireblade you need the SBS number “901” indicating the shape, with a suffix showing the compound e.g. 901RS or 901DC.


About SBS Brakes

SBS Brakes are world famous for producing quality OE replacement and true racing brake pads. The company is based in Svendborg, Denmark where you will find all their R&D and production facilities. All SBS Brake pads are available throughout the US and Canada through Parts Unlimited, Motovan and several other distributors found here.

Should you have any questions or comments, then SBS Sales Manager Johan Rauff Kristensen is available at or via their Facebook page