Hinson Actuator Kit with Clutch Cable

Factory Level Honda Clutch Parts

UPLAND, CA – December 13, 2013 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Hinson Clutch Components is proud to release a new factory level actuating kit that is a necessity for your 2009-2014 Honda CRF450R. We have worked out many kinks from the stock cable routing and bracket system to get a smoother pull and higher level of performance with improved clutch life.


By simply re-routing the clutch cable to the opposite side of the bike, we are able to isolate it from the tremendously hot head and header pipe—both of which radiate dangerous amounts of heat to your clutch cable. By taking heat out of the equation, our actuator kit and cable will get you more durability from your clutch and a longer cable life.


The new routing also has its gains aside from eliminating heat, it provides a much more direct routing that minimizes the amount of bends from the perch all the way down to a much more rigid cable bracket and efficient actuator arm and cam. All these things together create a whole actuation system that is much more efficient making your lever pull as easy as it can be without sacrificing clutch reliability.


The Actuator Kit includes:

  • Clutch Cable
  • Actuator Arm and Cam assembly
  • Clutch Cable Bracket
  • Necessary hardware


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