Motorsports Liquidator Answers the Question: How to Determine Vehicle Value

VERONA, WI – August 16, 2013 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Motorsports Liquidator answers the question “How to determine unit value?” I’m sure you’re asking why are they doing this? Well its simple, the very first question asked by just about everyone who contacts Motorsports Liquidator is this very question.

Liquidator Vehicle - Girl AD #2 2013 New and Used

“How we determine unit value is not some big trade secret,” Jon Simms said (Marketing Director). “Motorsports Liquidator goes step-by-step, using the exact same procedure every time. We believe consistency makes all the difference in determining the value accurately. We also believe what’s equally important is the potential seller have a complete understanding of how we arrive at the price offered.“

They’re thrilled to share this information with you and hopefully it will help you to be more profitable in the future. They know when you have a process that works, with a step-by-step procedure to consistently determine value teamed with realistic turn policy; a business is almost guaranteed to be profitable.

To download the Wholesale Vehicle Pricing procedure, CLICK HERE

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact Motorsports Liquidator by visiting their website, email or by calling 608-347-3963


Motorsports Liquidator is a licensed wholesale vehicle dealer in the state of Wisconsin who specializes in the acquisition and sale of excess inventory. This inventory may be either aftermarket products or Motorcycles, ATVs or Side-By-Sides. These items are Sold Exclusively to Powersports Professionals. Motorsports Liquidator NEVER sells to the general public. Motorsports Liquidator is a wholly owned entity of SiMMS Motorsports Marketing, LLC a Wisconsin Limited Liability Company.