JIMS is proud to introduce the Tappet Adjustment Tool

CAMARILLO, CA – April 24, 2013 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – JIMS, a premier manufacturer of performance parts and specialty tools for use on Harley-Davidson®, has just released the new Tappet Adjustment Tool.

Designed and submitted by Hiro Koiso, a hands-on technician and JIMS sponsored Bonneville record holder in numerous classes; this patent pending hand tool simplifies the way to verify proper tappet adjustment.


After adjusting the tappet, simply insert the tip of this tool under the hydraulic unit retaining clip, above the pushrod seat. Similar to a “Go No-Go Gauge”, if the tip doesn’t fit between the clip and the pushrod seat OR if there is up and down end play, the tappet is out of adjustment. Only when the tip fits nicely with no end play is the tappet properly adjusted.

The Tappet Adjustment Tool is now ready and available with an MSRP of $26.40. For more information, please visit us at www.jimsusa.com, find us on Facebook, or call our knowledgeable representatives at (805) 482-6913.