Nihilo Concepts releases Nihilo Disk Brakes by NG

STUART, FL – March 13, 2013 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Nihilo Concepts is excited to announce that they have become a US distributor for uniquely designed Nihilo Disk Brakes manufactured in Spain by NG. The Spanish manufacturer is known for using the highest quality materials and practices in the industry to produce the best brake rotors for race applications.


Nihilo Concepts has begun development with NG to produce a new line of over sized floating rotors for the full line of KTM mini bikes. Available soon will be oversized front rotors and matching extra thick rear rotors for the KTM 50, 65 and 85′s. Currently available is the floating front rotor for the KTM 85 that will improve front brake stopping power and feel. These unique styles and designs are available only to Nihilo and can be obtained by contacting Nihilo or your nearest Nihilo dealer.


New 2012-13 KTM 85 Oversized Front Brake Rotor

  • After months of testing, Nihilo Concepts by NG is proud to release the highly anticipated oversized front brake rotor kit for the 2012-2013 KTM 85 SX.
  • This new full floating 260mm oversized rotor ensures more leverage, therefore more power and feel, with less effort.
  • Kit includes caliper relocation mounts to properly align caliper with rotor.
  • Used by top mini bike riders Jordan Bailey, Brock Papi and Challen Tennant
  • Included in the kit are unique orange anodized plugs to add that factory look.
  • Rotor wave design enables exceptional cooling and stopping power.
  • Coming soon for KTM 50, 65, and big bikes.  Matching rear rotors available soon as well.
WMROFBR85 2012-2013 KTM 85 Oversize Front Brake Rotor Kit $220

About Nihilo Concepts:

“Nihilo” comes from the Latin word “Ex-Nihilo” meaning “something out of nothing”. Nihilo Concepts creates products from a raw piece of aluminum- Something out of nothing. Nihilo Concepts produces billet performance products for KTM’s and other makes. Our main focus has been on KTM performance parts for the KTM mini bike line. Most of which can be found on KTM’s SXS line of bikes.

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