Are You Ready to Discover the Auction Alternative,

VERONA, WI – January 9, 2013 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – We are thrilled to announce you can now experience “The Auction Alternative”, Wholesale Vehicle Market. This is a non-auction third party market maker available exclusively to the powersports industry professional.

Think of it, a non-auction trading platform providing you with the means to buy and sell vehicles anytime, with a network of over 15,000 powersports professionals, in a wholesale exclusive environment.

Wholesale Vehicle Market ends the delays, unknowns and unexpected costs associated with auctions, replacing it with a fast, safe, effective and efficient sales machine.

This is an amazingly simple way to keep the right units, in the proper quantities, on your sales floor.

Dealers considering entering the pre-owned vehicle business, expanding inventory or eliminating non-moving units, Wholesale Vehicle Market is the way to easily control your inventory quickly.

Wholesale Vehicle Market is exclusively a “Dealer to Dealer” trading platform. Participants must be licensed motor vehicle dealers and provide the appropriate documentation to gain access to the vehicles for sale or to list vehicles to be sold.


The Wholesale Vehicle Market is a non-auction third party market maker specializing in a wholesale exclusive trading platform for the powersports industry professional. It is our mission to provide a fast, safe, effective and efficient trading platform, making dealers more productive and profitable.