Mustang Partners With PixelMags To Offer Digital Catalogs, Apps And More

TERRYVILLE, CT – October 23, 2012 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – With a 30+ year history in the motorcycle market, Mustang Motorcycle Products LLC has established itself as the world’s leading manufacturer of aftermarket motorcycle seats. However that heritage doesn’t mean Mustang is comfortably resting on its corporate laurels! Instead, the focus has shifted to the ride ahead. A key component moving forward is Mustang’s partnership with PixelMags, the world’s fastest growing digital content distribution company.

“PixelMag’s superior technology and digital expertise mirrors Mustang’s own capabilities on the seat side, which makes them the perfect partner,” says Mustang’s Brand Manager, Matt Kulman. “They are as comfortable navigating the digital environment as we are at making the world’s most comfortable seats.”

“The apps and catalogs that we deliver are more than just an image on your iPad or PC,” says PixelMags COO/co-founder Ryan Marquis. He notes that most digital flip catalogs or PDF images on a website can only offer a limited amount of data and a sub-standard presentation of the product. “With PixelMags’ proprietary technology, QR codes, hotlinks to websites, embedded videos, image galleries and more can be quickly created and seamlessly integrated, improving sales performance.”

“PixelMags makes it comfortable to see what Mustang has to offer,” claims Kulman. The first Mustang/PixelMags product to be delivered is an app that enables anyone to see Mustang’s entire range of replacement seats for metric cruisers and Harley-Davidson® models in a pair of digital catalogs. “Click on the QR code or go to the new Mustang App to see for yourself ‘What a Difference Comfort Makes,” quips Kulman.

“Our dealers and customers alike utilize digital devices in stores and at rallies, so PixelMags’ technology that enables our catalogs to be viewed and stored in a digital environment is a great asset,” Kulman concludes. “Plus the added features such as the one-touch app menu screens offering full-page previews, search, one-tap page change and double-tap 300% zoom really do work to present Mustang seats in a positive and professional manner.”

Despite the high-tech app, all Mustang seats for Metric Cruisers and H-D® models are still proudly handcrafted in the USA. For more information, click on, “Like” us on Facebook or call (800) 243-1392.

About Mustang:
Since 1980, Mustang has handcrafted the most comfortable seats in the world, all under one roof in their state-of-the-art facility in Three Rivers, Massachusetts. With an unwavering focus on quality and customer satisfaction, Mustang has grown to be the leader in the design and construction of aftermarket motorcycle seats. No one is more dedicated to building a more comfortable seat for both riders and passengers than Mustang because when it hurts to ride, it’s not fun anymore. Mustang: what a difference comfort makes!

About PixelMags Inc.
PixelMags Inc. is one of the world’s fastest growing digital content distribution companies. They are transforming the future of digital publishing by changing how publishers distribute interactive branded content. PixelMags reaches millions of digital readers daily, in multiple languages, and represents such publishers as Hearst UK, GrindMedia (a division of Source Interlink), Haymarket Media Group, Condé Nast UK, Imagine Publishing, Dennis Publishing, and more. PixelMags is a privately held company, with offices in Los Angeles and London. Follow PixelMags on Facebook ( and Twitter (@pixelmags).